CAN Crisis Deepens As Catholics Are Accused Of Ignorance


The crisis within the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) deepened yesterday as the Public Relations Officer of CAN in the 19 Northern States and Abuja, Mr. Sunny Oibe, accused Catholics of arrogance and blamed the Catholic’s action on the loss of the Presidency of CAN to Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. Information Nigeria reports that the Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta, Monsignor Christopher Ajala, on Tuesday, alleged that CAN had become an arm of government.In his reaction to the development, Oibe said, “There are some certain elements in the leadership of CAN led by Cardinal John Onaiyekan because he lost CAN Presidency to Oritsejafor who has a lot of achievements.

“There is no need for anybody to lose sleep over the threat by Catholics to pull out of CAN because without them CAN will still continue. The constitution of CAN makes provision that membership can be terminated by any group that is misbehaving or any group can also terminate their membership.

“Why is it that when Catholics were in the leadership of CAN, every bloc supported them, but now because power has changed hands, they are threatening to pull out and causing confusion?

“They have been agitating that the Presidency of CAN must come from the South. They are appendage of PDP and PDP themselves. They are known for double standards. A man of God should not be double speaking.”

Oibe who is also the spokesperson for the President of Tarayar Ekklisiyar Kristi A Nijeriya, a conglomeration of 13 church groups in CAN, added that Catholics should not mislead the public even if they want to pull out.

He said, “The Catholics are claiming that the current CAN leadership has deviated from the vision of the founding fathers when they don’t even know how CAN came about.”


  1. its terrible to hear Oibe speaks in this manner, the Catholic Church makes up almost 40 percent of CAN and remain the most organised group world wide. Oritsejafor and Oibe should resign join d PDP. I am disappointed.

  2. Mr. Oibe, are u saying that from when CAN was formed, the catholic church hv being the leader? Why are u saying the catholic church pulled out be course of the lost presidency of CAN. Eve the Oniyekan u are referring to is a cardinal now, not a local champion. Plz seat down and advice urselfs b4 u mislead others as ur CAN president is doing now.

  3. U catholics are arrogant and sentimental. U guys still retain d hatred u had for protestants since d early times. U are sick if u dont know. Who tell u dat u are operating within christianity? U better be wise and embrace d truth.

    • Flamez or who you are, who told you that the Catholic Church leaders wants to be CAN president? It is nothing to be compare with our leadership which is more to the grass root. We are not the Church of the city as you think. We can live and work anywhere in the world. If you do not know what is happening in CAN please be humble and be quite. When did, this your CAN president came into light as a pastor? Can you tell me who host the CAN secretariat when it was founded? Are you aware, when OBJ was president and camped the other CAN officials in NICO NOGA then and they held or shared offices before the election day in the night? the document are there and we know it. It is not a matter of arrogant but sanctifying the CAN that we have sponsored for years.

    • Flamez, what pipe are u smoking on? do u play Gwarra-Gwarra when reading history or when practising christianity?. Go ang read before u open ur mouth in publik. u re not even fit to comment in the council of children

  4. Please and please u guys now u want to show urselves in public ahhh I weep for the suffering Jesus Christ went thru for the unity and salvation of CHRISTIANS !!! SMH wat wld Jesus do remember HIS WORD will Neva pass away please let that be your guide the BIBLE thank you pls embrace peace and sort this issue. Shalom

  5. Too much greed in religion. Christianity leaders should try and emulate JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARET. Do you really need a jet where more than 50 percent of your members can’t afford three square meal ? Please rethink and do what is right. God bless Nigeria.

  6. It amazes me when people who call themselves Christians and suppose show it by example are calling themselves names on the internet. Oibe or what do you call him can say anything he like. Cardinal Onayinkan or the catholic church in Nigeria are not looking for recognition. Remember when the Catholic Bishops in Nigeria met last time, the president attended their plenary session. Since the present CAN leadership assumed power has the president visited CAN??? Those who antagonize the church (Catholic) continue I will not tell you to stop. It is not a matter of buying jet. I am not opposed to it. Neither is it in the agenda of the Catholic Church to fly jets. Whenever the Pope is travelling, he flies with ALITALIA. It is not that the church does not have the money to buy or acquire whatever she want. As it is written in the Bible, “works are many but the labourers are few” suffice it to say that “works are many, but the funds are limited”. All monies in the churches purse is for a purpose and not to fly about. The CAN should wake up to its responsibilities. PERIOD!!!!

  7. Hahahah.
    Christians are really really funny you know. Even among them selves theirs confusion and and lack af togetherness.
    So just because a catholic is saying the truth is now an offense to the non catholics?
    Shame on all of you. Greed has eaten the Christendom sooooo badly that almost 90% of them are spiritually blind. May God almighty expose them all. Amen.

  8. All catholic ar nt serious here, is becos u dint read d history n u coment on wat u dnt knw, who among u can tel abt catholics, u ar in darknes agitating ova wat u dnt knw cos of u pple setimental, when d catholic church colaps in 1663 in rom empire were ar u all, wen catholic brngs curuptio in to chrstanity 1663 wer ar u all, wen pop john 11 in rom empire change d sabat day to be sunday worship wer ar u all n if u daubt me jus let 1 peson txt me bak a undaline place in bible dat ask to worship on 1st day of d wek, luk catolic ar d 1ce rulin chrstanity in d oll wold den dats y dey av d chance of brngin curuptio in to it, if u dnt beliv me, jus go to any bigest bible bok shop n ask 4 National sunday law, i av’t say anytin yet bt go 2ru it u so cal …

  9. All these justifications and explanations are unnecessary, this is not the right time to point fingers at one another, let’s come together in prayers to enforce the will of God. Who is he that is judging the servant when the master is there. Let every one of us know that God is counting on us, if anyone fails him he can use anything to fulfill his will but woe is he that will try to frustrate Gods agenda concerning the unity of the body of Christ. Remember! HEAVEN IS REAL HELL IS REAL! Remain rapturable.

  10. Christians of nigeria are more of church oriented than God oriented. Always interested on money and most of their leaders are selfish. That is our problem. Our leaders in the church milk us and they are not true. May God forgive us and help us to know love and have forgiven heart. That is why muslims laugh at us. When we are corrected we look for baseless things to defend our course. That spokesman for CAN should learn to how talk less he is not a good christian