Chris Okotie Laments The Presence Of “Character Assassins” Among His Congregation

Pastor-Chris-OkotieFor the umpteenth time, Rev. Chris Okotie has been on our news radar today pertaining his failed marriage and speculations that he is planning to get married to a certain young lady. The stylish preacher had to first dispel such notions before dropping the bombshell that he is not remarrying adding that the decision is ‘final and irrevocable.’

The founder of the Household of God church lamented what he called the presence of “character assassins”, who mingle with members of his congregation in a bid “to seek whom to scandalize in junk journals”.

He warned through his Media Officer, Ladi Ayodeji, that such people “are on the radar of our security operatives” and that “they should keep off or risk arrest and prosecution.”


Ordinarily, no serious-minded person should dignify the discredited junk journals by responding to their usual malicious and scandalous aspersions, which they habitually cast on reputable personages and institutions to make cheap sales.

But once in a while, it becomes imperative to refute patent falsehood deliberately peddled as “exclusive stories” by scandal sheets seeking market penetration, like is the case of a soft-sell journal currently in circulation with false news of an alleged romance between a young, innocent member of our church, and our Pastor, Rev. Chris Okotie.

The story is not only false, it is calculated to inflict psychological pain on the lady, embarrass the pastor, and cause disaffection in our congregation. We’d like to restate our earlier announcement that Rev. Okotie is not involved in any romantic relationship with any woman in or outside our church and has foreclosed any intention to remarry. Any speculation on this issue should, therefore, be regarded as a mischievous charade.

Finally, let this be the last warning that a ring of character assassins masquerading as worshipers who regularly infiltrate our congregation to seek whom to scandalize in junk journals, are on the radar of our security operatives. They should keep off or risk arrest and prosecution.

Ladi Ayodeji Director,

Media and Communications Strategy.


  1. Frustrated pastor. Sleeping with every small girl in your congregation it is you who is assassinating your own character, church where you advise ladies to wear revealing dresses so you can be scanning their bodies to know which one you will chop.

    • Mr. shut your trap if you have nothing sensible to say,if thats how you scan the body of young ladies,does not mean every one else does it,dont meddle into matters that dont concern you.go get a better job to do,if you have none.