CNN Interview: Jonathan Lacks Understanding – Sani

CNNPresident Goodluck Jonathan’s recent interview with the Cable News Network’s Christiane  Amanpour, Wednesday night, has continued to generate reactions from all and sundry particularly, his comment that Boko Haram was not caused by poverty or years of misrule.

Jonathan was quoted as saying, “The sect was not born out of misrule, definitely not; sometimes people feel it is a result of poverty, but no. Boko Haram is a local terror group and that is why we call on the rest of the World to help us.”

In his reaction, the Executive Director of Civil Rights Congress, Mallam Shehu Sani, faulted Jonathan’s assertion that the Boko Haram insurgency was not a product of misrule and poverty.

Sani said the President’s assertion demonstrated his lack of understanding of the issue.


Sani in a telephone interview said, “What we should understand clearly is that the President is completely lacking in knowledge and grasp of the situation on the ground.

“And one comment after another, he has completely exposed his ignorance about the root causes and solution to the Boko Haram violence.

“The emergence and sustenance of the Boko Haram violence is remotely connected to the years of destruction, injustice and iniquity in the northern part of Nigeria.

“The major foot soldiers of the group are clearly people who are from the lower ladder of the society.

“It is not possible to find people who are economically comfortable engaging in violence.”

When asked about the privileged background of the underwear bomber, Abdulmutallab, Sani said, “That is Mutallab as an individual but this is a group. Mutallab acted as an individual; he acted alone.

“He enjoyed privileges and got connected to a foreign terrorist group, what we are talking about is a homegrown terrorist group.

“I am sure those who are being arrested are foot soldiers only; you don’t see people from the middle class or the upper class.”


  1. All those years the northerners were in government, and they are still complaining of destruction, injustice and iniquity in the northern part of Nigeria, if that is the case then don’t lay the blame on my president, go look for the likes of babangida and abacha, it is now turn for the south and you ignite boko haram against Gej, you northerners should get rid of these born to rule mentality of yours, Mr president knows exactly what he is saying, where were the so called Boko haram during the days of Ibb, Abacha, and yaradua?

  2. Sani is a foolish man to say GEJ lack understanding. D money 4 one AK47 can start a good business. I started my biz wit less than N70,000 5 yrs ago, today, I own a biz centre & a printing press.
    NOTE: Power wil nt come 2 north again. After GEJ, Rochas – Oshomole – Fashola – Donald Duke etc

  3. Sani is certainly the worst idiot the North have ever had.How on earth would this bedeviled,god-forsaken lincompoop said that our beloved President lack understanding and that Boko Haram is a product of poverty?Now, let the all-knowing sani answer these pertinent questions: 1.Were christains the cause of the poverty and misrule? Why are innocent christains attacked?2. Why have Boko haram not attacked Buhari,IBB and the children of Abacha and the rest of them who are the causes of misrule in Nigeria?

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  5. Jonathan is not doing well lets say the truth even though that the northerns past president only enrich their self n family d rest of r left with no education,good medical facilities etc.At that the northern did not realized this damages as a result of their past leaders selfish interest because they felt secured that their own is the president n nothing dey happen now something dey happen.So my fellow southern bros let look beyond the role of a president as a southern person cos even jonathan is only enriching himself n his family n one day he wil leave that position.Tell how come pple like dangote and jonathan no dey fight na only EZE,ABU and GBENGA dey alwaz fight d answer US simple our category r not the same.In 9JA Money is the true tribe and religion.


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