Do Criminal Vetting Procedures Exist in Nigeria?

just checkingI need help on criminal vetting procedures for Nigerians.  Can someone direct me to where I can seek  further information on checking people on the Sex Offenders list within Nigeria?  Additionally, where I can do an enhanced CRB (criminal records bureau) on staff I want to employ within a child caring establishment? I need staff that are Nigerian and living in Nigeria but I’m struggling with finding an established vetting procedure that links to official police databases and intelligence records?

Hopefully, there is protection in place, some type of assurance  for those that send their under 16 years old child to school (or any establishment)  that each person that comes into contact with that child has been meticulously vetted?  Even though vetting is not fool proof, it is something that puts those that have something to hide at unease.

 In the UK where I run an out of school hours  business, I endure constant checks over a rigorous standard from the police and the local authority that I operate in.  A full background Check is undertaken and a report is sent to me and the local authority or employer. Even the USA, the children’s  etiquette licence that I had to train for, had a prerequisite of providing international checking of my person, educational, criminal and full address history before I could procedure with the application.

There are private investigation, and private background check firms that do just that, check the qualifications and job application form (Educational/ Credentials Verification).  But I am seeking Nigerian government backed, criminal and sexual offenders vetting lists or procedures. Is there any country wide requirement that those who work with children must have to hand a clearance or background clearance number or verifiable certificate to show they have a clear criminal record and are non sex offenders?  Does such exist?  Please check and let me know your findings….

By Lola Alli


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