Dress Code: Kogi Bans Female Teachers From Wearing Trousers

In a move that seeks to check improper dressing among female teachers in its primary and secondary schools, the Kogi State government has banned them from wearing trousers during school hours.


The state Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Grace Elebiyo during a press briefing on Wednesday, warned that any female teacher caught violating the order will face disciplinary action.

Elebiyo, while lamenting the flagrant abuse by female teachers of their professional code of dressing, warned that henceforth, the Kogi State Ministry of Education would no longer tolerate indecent dressing to schools.

The commissioner added that government would soon commence on the rehabilitation and upgrading of facilities in primary and secondary schools in the state.


  1. what is indecent about ladies wearing trousers for God’s sake, what about female police, you want them all to start wearing skirts. I think this administration has gotten it’s priorities horribly wrong, why don’t you concentrate on things that are more important like how our students can go back to passing WAEC instead of wasting time on stuff that do not matter. What kind of commissioner does that, reminds me of the commissioner for education that was seizing students belts at that time. Prioritization is key in any administration.


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