Exposed: The True Meaning Of Jihad


JIHAD is a Term often misunderstood and associated with radical militants. The arabic word is wrongly misinterpretated as “Holy War”, although there is no such thing in islam. Holy war is something undertaken to forcibly subject others to certain religious doctrines, which is forbidden in Islam.

The arabic word “Jihad” means a struggle or striving and applies to any great effort on the personal and social level. It is striving to do good and remove injustice and evil from oneself and the society. This exertion of effort can be spiritual, economic, social or political. For example, one of the highest level of Jihad is to stand before a tyrant and speak a word of truth. Restraining oneself from wrongdoing is also a form of Jihad. It is a broad concept that includes opposing evil inclinations within oneself, opposing injustice through peaceful means, efforts to improve the quality of life in a society as well as the striving by military forces on a battlefield in defence of the community or oppressed people. Jihad is not synonymus with war and it certainly does not involve terrorism. Armed Jihad is not an option for muslim individuals or groups and can only be declared by the muslim head of state. Moreover it must never be fought for wordly gain, conquest or revenge. Muslims may only engage in battle to protect people’s lives, properties and freedom.

Jihad has conditions of restraint that distinguishes it from any other kind of warfare. They can be summarised as follows.

** Muslims must not begin hostilities. They must strive for peace as much as possible.
** All treaties and agreements must be observed as long as the enemy observes them.
** Muslims must fight only those who fight against them; non-combatants are not to be harmed.
** Weapons of mass destruction must never be used and collective punishment is strictly prohibited.
** Self-defense is not considered jihad if muslims are striking back in revenge.
** Hostilities should be ended as soon as the other party is inclined to peace



  1. Its either u dont knw d real meaning of jihad or u re afriad to say it.
    Jihad means convert non muslims by force to become muslim & any1 who refused to be converted, kill him or her.
    Dat was what usman danfodio did to northern Nigeria.
    Today d few northerners dat rejected islam are been oppressed by muslims.

    • I can see that sentiment reign in U̶̲̥̅̊, av U̶̲̥̅̊ ever read about d history of xtianity in Nigeria, av U̶̲̥̅̊ 4gotten d maiming, killing and incarceration of leaders and subordinates to forcibly drop their traditional religion and follow christ. And moreover U̶̲̥̅̊ should knw d meaning of jihad from d Quran not from dan fodio just as I got d meaaning of xtianity from d bible and not from d westerners. Check urself!

      • i ve quran and i ve read it nd still doing so, quran is clear on Jihad, u can deceive those who don’t knw about islam and no such thing like killing people to embrace Christ took place in Nigeria or any place in d world, it is d reverse. dnt allow me open my quran and quote all d suras allah and muhammed instructs d killing of infidels i.e non muslims… muslims all over d world lie with quran to suit a particular situation as d quran is contradictory of itself

    • @mr truth ur ignorance wldn’t b dis bad if u had studied history in secondary sch o at least taken a lil tym to read books, bcos u wld hav knwn dat islam in nig pre-dates uthman danfodio!

    • It‘s cost alot to comprehended, but due to the lack of statement that ocured in-between two or more people that gived out a word of misunderstood. Then they will now acomprehen & arose4jihad

  2. Well this make more sense than the popularly known meanin of jihad. I hope this gets to those bastard who is destrolin islam by usin jihad as excuse everytime they want to do evil tins.

  3. May Allah bless the writer of the article, “knowledge they said is power” people tend to condemn or judge what they have NO knowledge about, to listen to hearsay or judge base on other people actions is wrong, why can people go on a knowledge ride to learn things themselves.

  4. so what are we not saying?! This miscrants’ld be masking themselves and justifying their evils as the will of God?! surely…”God Can Never Be Mocked” what ever they do is at the very expense of their own wayward souls

  5. Mr Truth (?????). I doubt your statement. Islam was in Northern Nigeria even before the Jihad of Usman Dan Fodio. What he did was ‘Revivalism of Islam’. Let me ask you what is crusade in Christianity??????? Please I need my answer NOW and PUBLICLY.

  6. If and only if you knew the ONLY WAY, THE ONLY TRUTH AND THE ONLY LIFE, you wouldn’t have bothered yourselves with fallacies, fallables, editings, incoherencies, superstitions, inaccuracies, idolatry…if and only if you knew your destinies, the the TRUTH that was offered to you freely to save you from eternal damnation and to give you the ONLY hope of everlasting glory. A glory that is equal to non and can not be found anywhere in this life, a glory with the TRUTH that does not warant a reward of ‘virgins and a river flowing with wine.’ If only you knew, believe and accept the TRUTH….If and only if!

  7. This is supposed to be a forum for dropping comments, not to attack readers. But seriously, why is it that anywhere something controversial like this is being discussed, muslims are always too quick to react and start putting up some self defense tactic??
    This is an expository article, anyone who cares to believe should. Period!!!

  8. Dis article abt d meaning of jihad is false. D true meaning of jihad is “convert a non-muslim 2 islam or kill him if he refuses”. Dat’s wat uthman dan fodio did in d islamic revival war he spearheaded in d north. Though islam was present b4 dis crusade, dia were non muslims in d north then. Such were either forcefully made 2 convert 2 islam or killed if they resist or refused. Even d quran in surah 9:29,41 & many hadiths supports ds pt of view & dis is d true meanin of jihad. Dis is d reason 4 d voilence in north. Stop pretendin & tellin all dis lies. U knw d truth, make use of it & u wil b saved. Jesus is d way! Sure u knw dat!!

  9. pls fellow muslims do not speak to some1 dt is not ready to listen 2u. Those dt hate Islam most are not the christians but atheist. So, let those who cares to knw read abt the reasons why michael hart put Muhammad(s.a.w) as the most influential person in history…and ds is the person who brought jihad, as explained in d above article, nay Islam

    • are seeking for the truth or u just want to argue, please check ur dictionary for the meaning of jihad, knowledge is power.

  10. Mr Tolex you said Holy war is forbidden in Islam. koran says in sura 9 : 29 ” Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day ….. Nor acknowledge the religion of truth (islam), ( even if they are ) of the book (christians and jews), untill they pay jizya (tribute ) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued “. This verse clearly shows that muslems do force doctrine to people against they will. You are muslem, you wrote something which is contrary to what koran says. You think you can easily decieve people ?

      • If indeed you want to know the true meaning and nature of Islam, get for yourself the “NOBLE QURAN”(the original quran), take your time and go through it and I promise you that you will forever regret being a muslim! In your quran, there are prophecies concerning the birth of Jesus, the histories surrounding Jesus’ birth and life time even his ascension into heaven! # but, for the sake of your Allah, is there any place at all in “NOBLE QURAN” that speaks about the birth history of Mohammed? If you find any place, then Islam is not a wasted religion, if not, Islam indeed is… wasted religion.

  11. Holy war “should be” forbidden in Islam, If not we always says is a religion of peace, koran says in sura 9 : 29 ” Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day ….. Nor acknowledge the religion of truth (islam), now prove the ” PEACE” u are stll bold to bring out d verse u are not ashamed killing is it the best solution, what is d reward for killers in Koran? u can’t create ordinary mosquito talk of human being like urself just lets apply our common sense. ”Allah Can Never Be Mocked” Be wise.

    • how is xtianity spread in Africa, my the colonial master who stole our resource and handed bible to our ancestor, and thought them, ” when some one slap u should give him the other chin” while the one teaching u is the one slapping u,. and the one that from far away and forcefully take ur land and send the leader to exile those that resist them. Please check th history of Islam even today in THE WORLD ISLAM IS MOST FAST DEVELOP RELIGION IN THE WORLD. IS IT BY JIHAD? BIAS PEOPLE

      • Not all whites are Christians. The Europeans took Africa for their own interest. Even when missionaries came to Africa, it was not to enslave but to free the people from bondage of sin, sickness and satan. They opposed even the whites for enslaving the people. Christianity brought civilization, stopped killings of innocent twins, opposed idolatry, brought education etc. Christianity changed the perception of living. It’s not the matter of how fast a religion grows, but the end thereof. Those it assure us of going to heaven after death. Religion doesn’t save- only faith is Christ’s death. Islam is a religion of hypocrisy- Mohammed married 9 wives, even having minors as his wives. He married his first wife who’s older than him because of her riches. The ‘false’ prophet does not have any moral stance in our society. He even commanded his followers to marry 4 wives. They can divorce them at anytime and fill in the gap with another as long as the women are 4. Islam is a trash with the promises of a fools paradise of multiple virgins in ‘paradise’. Too bad.

        • There is no need for criticism or arguing blandly, the writer have done an excellent work to put down this article if you have contrary opinion then go on sincere research to find out the truth, there is this verse in the holy Qurian that said “Bring out your proof if you are right” just like one of the comment was trying to explain that Christianity was not force into Africa, please do more sincere research to fish out the truth, and for the people that were making a comment that they have Qurian at home there is this adage in Yoruba language “gbamu o ran iba” that is when you are having a full grown fever you can not beg from the antibiotics drugs of a person treating his own fever too, rather you will go and start a full medication. if you real want to learn the science of the noble Qurian is beyond taking a translated copy. in the science of the exegesis of the noble Qurian there is what will called “sababul-husul” the circumstance behind every revelation, you also need to know the custom of the Arabian before Islam and what is the effect of Islam on those culture. and lot more. there is no need for unnecessary criticism but let us be curious

  12. Imagine,jihad doesn’t bring truth its all about killing non muslims,christians can never force pple to change to an extend of killing non christians but pls why do they kill in the name of Allah why?even allah won’t accept the act I believed but why all this?am proud to be a christian and I knew some vry good muslim that will not support the killings,most arabic countries doesn’t ve peace killing waging war against others why?nobody can fight for jesus christ,

  13. read that line very well.quote it fully and tryyo understand it. pls remove any resentment. he allah is addresing idolators and he is not saying killing the christians.pls if you dont know you ask. dont allow hatred to blind you. every prophet including issa,christ is a prophet of he was given the book bible. so if you do not believe in the book before quran psalm,torah and of course bible you are a non beleiver. the christians are not the problem but the Allah says irrespective of your religion islam,christianity,or judaism you will see his kingdom if you do thee right thing.allah knows who is serving him. this argument is uncalled for. lets make the world a better place

  14. quran never contradicts each other. it cant be doctored like the know quran is the same everywhere. but james account on a particular issue never tallies with john or mathew. this is sin .the quran made us know that.that is a correction okay.secondly if you dont know prophet muhamed was not accepted in mecca as jesus was rejected by the jews. now so.many of the prophets suffered the same faith,moses in the hands of pharoh,noah was meant to built ark. also sodom and gomorah was destroyed during the time of you know every prophet of God including jesus preached islam(submission to the will of Allah). pls read the verse and quote it completly. Allah knows everyone intention. now, the quran is word of allah that touches all aspect of life . the word of God fears no one. so it touches,love,death,tax,business,property,marriage,enemies,hypocrite. etc. so on war issue. also the quran tells you about the jews,christian ,muslims and pagan. if an enemy comes to kil you will you fold your hands and watch him kill you. what does whiteman call self defense.if they dont attack you why would you attack while fighting for your life dont exceed your limit. that is the quranic guide. religion either islam or christianity does not tell you to be the past you could not call the salat in mecca because they were idol worshippers then. so all prophets sufffered from thee hands of pagan before the religion was accepted. even after moses rescused the isralite they were ungrateful you could imagine that. so brother islam is light,ask question where you dont know. secondly send me the hadith where Muhamed instructs killing non believers. Remember allah says there is no compulsion on religion,being a jews,muslim,christian does not matter, if you believe in God you will be rewarded.the verses are in quran not doctored.secondly The christians believe you must be a Christian or jew to see the kingdom of God. can you prove that.even jesus says only those who do the will of the father will see kingdom of God not those who call him lord.he never calls himself son of God but man. so where did you see son of God.secondly if jesus is God,then who is God. so which book is now doctored. learn the truth though it is bitter

  15. between jihad and crusaders. like i told you so many battles took place before these religions could exercise their meaning. so each sees the other as enemy

    The immediate cause of the
    First Crusade was the
    Byzantine emperor Alexios I ‘s
    appeal to Pope Urban II for
    mercenaries to help him resist
    Muslim advances into territory
    of the Byzantine Empire. [23]
    Although attempts at
    reconciliation after the East–
    West Schism between the
    Catholic Church in western
    Europe and the Eastern
    Orthodox Church had failed,
    Alexius I hoped for a positive
    response from Urban II. [21]
    Pope Urban II defined and
    launched the crusades at the
    Council of Clermont in 1095.
    He was a reformer worried
    about the evils which had
    hindered the spiritual success
    of the church and its clergy
    and the need for a revival of
    religiosity. [24] He was moved
    by the urgent appeal for help
    from Byzantine Emperor
    Alexius I. Urban’s solution was
    announced on the last day of
    the council when the pope
    suddenly proclaimed the
    Crusade against the infidel
    Muslims. He called for
    Christian princes across Europe
    to launch a holy war in the
    Holy Land. He contrasted the
    sanctity of Jerusalem and the
    holy places with the plunder
    and desecration by the infidel
    Turks. He caused outrage by
    vividly describing attacks upon
    the Christian pilgrims. He also
    noted the military threat to
    the fellow Christians of
    Byzantium. [25] He charged
    Christians to take up the holy
    cause, promising to all those
    who went remission of sins
    and to all who died in the
    expedition immediate entry
    into heaven. [26][c]
    Then Urban raised secular
    motives, talking of the feudal
    love of tournaments and
    warfare. He urged the barons
    to give up their fratricidal and
    unrighteous wars in the West
    for the holy war in the East.
    He also suggested material
    rewards, regarding feudal
    fiefdoms, land ownership,
    wealth, power, and prestige,
    all at the expense of the Arabs
    and Turks. He said they could
    be defeated very easily by the
    Christian forces. When he
    finished, his listeners chanted
    “Deus vult” (God wills it). This
    became the battle cry of the
    crusaders. Urban put the
    bishop of Le Puy in charge of
    encouraging prelates and
    priests to join the cause. [d]
    Word spread rapidly that war
    against unbelief would be
    fused with the practice of
    pilgrimage to holy sites, and
    the pilgrims’ reward would be
    great on earth, as in heaven.
    Immediately thousands
    pledged themselves to go on
    the first crusade. Pope Urban’s
    speech ranks as one of the
    most influential speeches ever
    made: it launched the holy
    wars which occupied the
    minds and forces of western
    Europe for two hundred
    years. [28]

    now on jihad

    Muslim jurists explained there
    are four kinds of jihad fi
    sabilillah (struggle in the cause
    of God): [50]
    Jihad of the heart (jihad
    bil qalb/nafs) is concerned
    with combatting the devil
    and in the attempt to escape
    his persuasion to evil. This
    type of Jihad was regarded as
    the greater jihad (al-jihad al-
    Jihad by the tongue
    (jihad bil lisan) is concerned
    with speaking the truth and
    spreading the word of Islam
    with one’s tongue.
    Jihad by the hand (jihad
    bil yad) refers to choosing to
    do what is right and to
    combat injustice and what is
    wrong with action.
    Jihad by the sword (jihad
    bis saif) refers to qital fi
    sabilillah (armed fighting in
    the way of God, or holy war),
    the most common usage by
    Salafi Muslims and offshoots
    of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Some contemporary Islamists
    have succeeded in replacing
    the greater jihad, the fight
    against desires, with the lesser
    jihad, the holy war to
    establish, defend and extend
    the Islamic state. [51]
    The Sufic view classifies “Jihad”
    into two; the “Greater Jihad”
    and the “Lesser Jihad”.
    Muhammad put the emphasis
    on the “greater Jihad” by
    saying that “Holy is the warrior
    who is at war with
    himself”. [ citation needed ] In
    this sense external wars and
    strife are seen but a satanic
    counterfeit of the true “jihad”
    which can only be fought and
    won within; no other Salvation
    existing can save man without
    the efforts of the man himself
    being added to the work
    involved of self-refinement. In
    this sense it is the western
    view of the Holy Grail which
    comes closest to the Sufic
    ideal; for to the Sufis
    Perfection is the Grail; and the
    Holy Grail is for those who
    after they become perfect by
    giving all they have to the
    poor then go on to become
    “Abdal” or “changed ones” like
    Enoch who was “taken” by
    God because he “walked with
    God”. (Genesis:5:24) here the
    “Holy Ones” gain the surname
    “Hadrat” or “The Presence”

    Within classical Islamic
    jurisprudence —the
    development of which is to be
    dated into the first few
    centuries after the prophet’s
    death [31] —jihad is the only
    form of warfare permissible
    under Islamic law , and may
    consist in wars against
    unbelievers, apostates , rebels,
    highway robbers and
    dissenters renouncing the
    authority of Islam. [32] The
    primary aim of jihad as warfare
    is not the conversion of non-
    Muslims to Islam by force, but
    rather the expansion and
    defense of the Islamic
    state. [33][34] In later
    centuries, especially in the
    course of the colonization of
    large parts of the Muslim
    world, emphasis has been put
    on non-militant aspects of the
    jihad. Today, some Muslim
    authors only recognize wars
    with the aim of territorial
    defense as well as the defense
    of religious freedom as
    legitimate. [35]
    Whether the Quran sanctions
    defensive warfare only or
    commands an all out war
    against non-Muslims depends
    on the interpretation of the
    relevant passages. [36] This is
    because it does not explicitly
    state the aims of the war
    Muslims are obliged to wage;
    the passages concerning jihad
    rather aim at promoting
    fighters for the Islamic cause
    and do not discuss military
    In the classical manuals of
    Islamic jurisprudence, the
    rules associated with armed
    warfare are covered at great
    length. Such rules include not
    killing women, children and
    non-combatants, as well as
    not damaging cultivated or
    residential areas. [38] More
    recently, modern Muslims
    have tried to re-interpret the
    Islamic sources, stressing that
    Jihad is essentially defensive
    warfare aimed at protecting
    Muslims and Islam. [34]
    Although some Islamic
    scholars have differed on the
    implementation of Jihad, there
    is consensus amongst them
    that the concept of jihad will
    always include armed struggle
    against persecution and
    oppression. [39]

    now if a pastor does something wrong,christianity suffers
    if an imam does something wrong,islam suffers

  16. Dont allow hatred to destroy have just showed it through your article. you cant control your anger and tolerance.being angry could make one blind and if one goes blind,he cant see.
    if you cant say something reasonable shut up your mouth
    irrespective of what people say teach them right -lucky Dube

    Muhammad’s life is
    traditionally delineated as two
    epochs: pre-hijra (emigration)
    in Mecca , a city in northern
    Arabia , from the year 570 to
    622, and post-hijra in Medina,
    from 622 until his death in
    632. All but two of his
    marriages were contracted
    after the Hijra (migration to
    Medina). In Arabian culture, marriage
    was contracted in accordance
    with the larger needs of the
    tribe and was based on the
    need to form alliances within
    the tribe and with other
    tribes. Virginity at the time of
    marriage was emphasized as a
    tribal honor.[2] Watt states
    that all of Muhammad’s
    marriages had the political
    aspect of strengthening
    friendly relationships and were
    based on the Arabian
    custom. [3] Esposito points out
    that some of Muhammad’s
    marriages were aimed at
    providing a livelihood for
    widows.[4] He noted that
    remarriage was difficult for
    widows in a society that
    emphasized virgin
    marriages.[5] Francis Edwards
    Peters says that it is hard to
    make generalizations about
    Muhammad’s marriages: many
    of them were political, some
    compassionate, and some
    perhaps affairs of the heart. [6]
    Muhammad’s first marriage
    lasted 25 years.
    Khadija bint Khuwaylid
    At age 25, Muhammad wed his
    wealthy employer, the 40-
    year-old merchant Khadija .
    This marriage, his first, would
    be both happy and
    monogamous; Muhammad
    would rely on the wealthy
    Khadija in many ways, until her
    death 25 years later. [7][8]
    They had two sons, Qasim and
    Abd-Allah (nicknamed al-Ṭāhir
    and al-Ṭayyib respectively),
    both died young, and four
    daughters—Zaynab , Ruqaiya ,
    Umm Kulthum and Fatimah .
    Shia scholars dispute the
    paternity of Khadija’s
    daughters, as they view the
    first three of them as the
    daughters from previous
    marriages and only Fatimah as
    the daughter of Muhammad
    and Khadija. [9] During their
    marriage, Khadija purchased
    the slave Zayd ibn Harithah ,
    then adopted the young man
    as her son at Muhammad’s
    request. [10]

    there are many more threatening and difficult life situations where Muhamed showed light.he even preached about equality.


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