FFM Facilities Ltd: Head of Technical Operations

Facility and Estate Management Company Requires a Head of Technical Operations.

Job Title: Head of Technical Operations

Job Description

The Job is based in Ogun State and Lagos State. Travel may be required to other states of the country from time to time.

  1. Main Duties:
    1. Assign SLA’s & KPI’s to Operations Staff including:
      1. Targets
      2. Specific Job Duties and Assignments
    2. Responsible for the following Operational sections and Staff (Company Employees or Outsourced Contractors) within those sections:
      1. Parks and Gardens
      2. Roads and Pavements
      3. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
      4. Waste (Solid & Liquid)
      5. Building/Facility Maintenance
      6. Security
    3. Departmental Budgeting
    4. Assisting Business Development Department in Costing of Jobs
    5. Assisting Customer Service Department in resolving Customer complaints and Issues
    6. Assisting Procurement Department Develop and Maintain a list of Suppliers for Contract and Project execution
    7. Assisting the Accounts Department in preparing financial data for Reporting purposes

Desired Skills & Experience
The job is a management role with plenty of problem solving and project management involved.
The following qualifications will be considered:

  1. An Engineering Degree (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical) B.Sc or B.Eng (2-1 or above)
  2. Four to Five Years practical Experience in the field
  3. Demonstrable experience in using Project Management & Spreadsheet Software
  4. Age between 30 and 50
  5. Must have Current Driving Licence
  6. IFMA Certified candidates preferred.

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