Five-year-old Boy Dies After Falling Off Building’s Third Floor

boy falls
A five-year old Palestinian boy has died after he fell from the third floor of his Khalidiya street apartment in Abu Dhabi on Friday morning.

Speaking to reporters, the boy’s parents said that initially their son was “hospitalised in the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after having suffered from severe injuries.”

But a few hours after the incident, the boy died at about 7pm at the hospital.

The child was at his parents’ house in an apartment on the third floor when he fell from an open, unguarded window and on to the ground, as Major General Nasser Salem Al Nuaimi, chairman of the Higher Committee for Child Protection at the Ministry of Interior, explained. He was in critical condition as a result of the fall.

A comprehensive patrol was sent to the scene of the accident as soon as the police in Khalidiya received note of it. The patrol examined the area and early forensics proved that the child had indeed fallen from a window even though his parents had ensured all other windows were shut and secure.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence urged all parents to pay close attention to their children and not to neglect any locks that need repair. A Civil Defence official told newsmen that regulations prevent parents from having open windows while children are staying at their home. “We force building owners in Abu Dhabi to install (windows closers) which keep the windows secured and not allow them to be opened more than 10 cm maximum”. [GN]


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