For Stealing a China Blackberry Phone, Man Gets 3 Years in Jail without an Option of Fine

justiceA 23-year-old man simply identified as Adepoju Jamiu has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for stealing a China BlackBerry phone worth N17,000.

Jamiu was sentenced by an Ikare Magistrate’s Court in Ondo state for stealing the phone from one Suleiman Asimiyi. This offence, according to police prosecutor, Aigbojie Amileomen, violates Section 383(1) volume one, of criminal laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006.

The police prosecutor reportedly said the accused committed the offence in November 2012 at Olukare Central Mosque, Inu Odi, Okela, Ikare.

On his own part, the accused, without any fuss, pleaded guilty as charged and was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison without an option of fine by the Chief Magistrate, Sunday Adeniyan, who presided over the case.

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  • haha…pathetic! But they do nothing serious to the real thieves—check out that guy that diverted bout #23bn police pension funds…nonsense #JURISPRUDENCE

  • One man stole N23bl, he was sentenced to prison for 2 years, another man stole a phone of N17,000; he was sentenced to spend 3 years in prison. What kind of nonsense is that????

  • The man that stole N23bn and was sentenced for 2 yrs, had an option of chicken change fine (compared to the stolen amount). He paid instantly and was set free. This poor man will server 3 yrs jail for stealing N17k phone wt no option. God will punish Nigerian judges!

  • 9JA…Me i dey shame oh..3 Years 4 17k? Y d man who stole 23billion got a two year jail term..Guez d law is incapacitant!

  • Wot aren’t nonsense is dis but why is it dat 9ja judge are alwais pass d heavy hammer of d law on d poor and d real robber got plead bargain wit option of fine.some1 stole #23bl and was sentence 2 2yrs wit and option of 750k. anoda stole china bb of 17k and sentence 2 5yrs wit any option,d judicial system is corrupt haahaa

  • Lol! Nigerian Law does not recognise big thieves only d small petty ones. Go to our prison and see d calibre of thieves d law catches up wit. LESSON: if u must steal in Naija, make sure u still billions that way u get a meagre sentence without any option of fine. REASON: the Judge is also in dat league of big thieves hence they sympathize wit their own. *smh#

  • @NigeriaNewsdesk: Ibadan NBA says the two years prison sentence handed to former Police Pension Board Director, John Yusufu, by an Abuja Court is ridiculous. This is happening- 2yrs jail penalty for pension thief and 3 yrs for a 17K theif.

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