Former Senator Tells Obasanjo, Anenih To Quit Politics, Leave Jonathan Alone

091212F_Anenih-Goodluck-andA former senator, Francis Spanner Okpozo, has described the appointment of Chief Tony Anenih as chairman of Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, as senseless and greedy. The senator also called on former President Olusegun Obasanjo to quit politics for the younger generation.

Okpozo, who accused the duo of distracting President Goodluck Jonathan with their political activities and what he described as “selfish interests,” lamented that despite calls in some quarters that they should allow the younger generation take over the leadership of the nation, “they have continued to stay put and manipulate the system.

“If Obasanjo and Anenih, who have been in the politics of this nation for long, are still coming today to take over from these small boys, who are supposed to take charge politically today, it means they are not serious. The only meaning that can be attached to their action is selfishness, greed, and it is time for them to quit politics because of their age.

“They have made money, they have tasted power, they are old now like me, they have children, they have so many investments. Why are they not contented and leave politics for the younger generations? Greed destroys a man and I advise both of them to stay clear from President Jonathan. They should not play politics with Jonathan.”

Senator Okpozo while insisting that President Jonathan has the constitutional right to seek re-election in 2015, however warned that “before he does that, he must pacify the people of the South South, who supported him during the election.”



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