Funny: 20 Ways To Know Someone Is Cursed


Please note, this is strictly for the sake of humour and nothing is spiritually attached. Just laugh your way through.

1. After working for 30 days you got fired without salary.
2. If you download anything from the internet and it fails in 99%.
3. If you take cheat into the exam hall and can’t understand your own handwriting.
4. If you buy a phone at the rate of 30k today and the price drop to 16k tomorrow.
5. You go to the restaurant on your first date. and after eating fish, the bone chock you!
6. If you scope a girl, take her to the room and junior does not stand.
7. If u break with your boyfriend and he win 200M UGX the next day.
8. If you use a heavy perfume, your body odour still remain.
9. If you work in a company for 10yrs without promotion or rise in salary.
10. If you lie to Armed robber that you don’t have a phone and it rings.

11. If the person that you are cursing in a traffic turns out to be the person interviewing you.
12. If your car spend more time at the mechanic than on the road.
13. If you don’t pass both mathematics and english in your final exam.
14. If you get to the exam hall and you can’t remember your first name.
15. If you are signed as the defender for a Europian club and your first task is to mark Lionel messi.
16. If your only child joins the Nigeria police force.
17. If you lie to a Armed robber that you don’t have money and your phone start ringing ‘chop my money, I don’t care’.
18. If you mistake super glue for eye drop.
19. After photoshopping your picture you still look ugly.
20. If a rat eats only your name out of your important document.