Hilarious Video Of 7-Month-Old Baby Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ Well

It has become such a world-wide hit that babies now Gangnam before they can walk.

This adorable video of a seven-month-old doing South Korean rapper Psy’s signature ‘horse moves’ hit the internet a mere six days ago and is already getting thousands of views an hour.

The video of the dancing baby was uploaded to YouTube on Friday and had racked up 775,000 hits on Wednesday night.

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Going Gangnam Style: It is 46 seconds of pure joy as this baby dances away to Gangnam Style on YouTube

The 46-second clip shows the child laughing and dancing along to the super-hit using the famous Gangnam moves.

Youtube users are loving the short film, hailing it the ‘best YouTube clip ever’.

One user commented: ‘That awkward moment when a 7-month-old can dance better than you,’ and another added ‘How could anyone dislike this?’

Gangnam Style by South Korean rapper Psy became the first video to get over one billion views on YouTube making it not only the most viewed, but also the most liked in the history of the site.

The song has made the 34-year-old artist, real name Park Jae-sang famous all over the globe and saw tourism in the Asian nation increase by 13 per cent in 2012 with visitors to Seoul going on special ‘Gangnam tours’.

The song mocks the upmarket area of Seoul called Gangnam where the city’s glitterati gather in cocktail bars and young shoppers go to spend their money in vintage clothes shops and designer outlets.