“I Will Buy You A Cheap, Second-Hand Phone” – Obasanjo To Journalist Whose Blackberry Was Smashed

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo over the weekend caused a mild drama when he sighted Premium Times’ correspondent at the Government House in Ogun State.


The reporter tried to take a picture of the former president standing beside former Nigerian leader, Ernest Shonekan, with his camera phone, but got a dramatic response from Mr. Obasanjo.

“You again,” the former president said. “That was how your blackberry phone was smashed.”

One of Mr. Obasanjo’s children, Oba, had smashed the blackberry phone of the PREMIUM TIMES journalist for taking the picture of the fire at the former president’s house last week in Abeokuta, the Ogun State Capital.

Obasanjo to buy second hand phone

The journalist complained to Mr. Obasanjo about the destroyed phone and asked the former president what he intends to do about it.

The former number one citizen again responded in his characteristic dramatic and jocular manner.

“I will buy you another one, but if you don’t mind, it has to be a fairly used and with cheaper price,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

At the end of the day’s programme, our correspondent again approached the former president, requesting to follow him to his house to collect the promised blackberry phone; but Mr. Obasanjo turned it to another round of comedy.

“You this Ijesa man, I suspect you are the one who set my house on fire, and you want to come there again, I will buy your phone for you when I return from abroad.”

After making the statement, the former president entered into his vehicle, smiled and waved to the reporter.


  1. Nigerian jornalist has reduced them selves to cheap gossips, instead of u to report more important issues u are busy writing meaningless things. Very soon u will come here to tell us what Obj takes as breakfast and launch. And that is why they will continue to destroy ur phones. Wake up !!

  2. Long Live Baba, Long Live Nigeria. I’m very sure The Entire Entertainment industry of Our Great Nation will continue to build on the foundation laid in your time. But baba I hope you have nothing against the Ijesa because you refer to the Journalist an an Ijesa man?

  3. ile oba ti o jo ,ewa lo bu si…….baba, i wish u happy new year….i wish longevity and good health…..journalists should stop snapping people pictures without the their approval. this is necessary to be passed into laws in Nigeria….if u snap my picture with ur phone without my approval,i can smash it bcos the picture may be used for evil purposes. we are africans.