“I Would Rather Date A Charming Married Man Than An Annoying Single Guy” – Actress Amaka Anioji


Fast rising Nollywood Actress Amaka Anioji in a recent interview has opened up about her preference for a man who would respect and treat her like woman, irrespective of the man’s marital status. 

When asked if she could date a married man, her response was:

“Well, it is frustrating. It can be tempting sometimes when you meet married men who are really very charming especially, when you have dated a single guy who is very annoying. You run into a married man who is good looking and experienced, you would be tempted to fall in love with him.

But for me, I will always think of how dating a married man will affect people’s perception about me. Afterall, I am not going to marry the person but I’m more concerned about what people are going to say. I also considered how that thing will affect my relationship with God. Though it can be very juicy, I consider all that. I like to work and earn my living, it gives me joy.”




  1. ΨђåƮ is she(Amaka) talking about? U̶̲̥̅̊ rather date a married man? Dat married man γφυ want †̥Ơ break his home was once a young irresponsible boy some 1 made him a responsible man. So I would advice U̶̲̥̅̊ and other home wreckers out dere 2 look ƒσя your own small irresponsible boy and make him in2 a man U̶̲̥̅̊ wld b proud of.

  2. People should try to understand every statement b4 commenting so that they will not go away from its context. She means that its better sometime to date married man than irresponsible guy, but considering what people will say, and how it’ll affect her relationship with God. She rather work hard to earn a living than to mess herself up with any of the two. Now what brings all the abuses from commentors?. some people are just talking because they hear others talking, without reasoning.