Integrity. Can we generally trust that our fellow Nigerians have it?

Lola AlliIntegrity– Integrity is the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards; honesty, truthfulness, veracity, and uprightness. And even if you are not a professional or business person, personal integrity can make all the difference. I know someone who seems to have very little integrity.

In fact,  I am sure you know someone too!  I wont divulge the nationality of this individual BUT I will say that it caused me to think about dubious characteristics.  Also, whether our nation of Nigeria can be generalised as having a population with a higher, or lower, level of integrity than other countries.

Anyway, back to the person I know.  This highly educated individual goes out of his way to scam, cheat, and ‘use brain’ in order to pinch pennies and get stuff for free. Money is not an issue for him, he makes a very good living, he just doesn’t like to pay for things. In the past, a persons word was their bond. Of course, frequently we request to see that a worker is BONDED before we take their word. Moreover, I tend to hear people are ‘419’ quite frequently, or ‘dupers’.

Do we now assume that a person has integrity? Or do we assume that they do not?  It seems in the national concept of “trust nobody,”  integrity seems to have become an ancient concept! It takes only a single act, or a single word, to lose a customer (or friend) forever.

After that….a million retrospective actions and words may never get them back.  lets hear your opinions please…. Are we generally ‘uprightness’ or the opposite of that?

By Lola Alli


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