‘Jonathan belittled his office by kneeling in front of Adeboye publicly’ -Tunde Bakare

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Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Latter Rain Assembly tells Punch:

They have signaled the campaign by going to kneel down before Pastor Adeboye. See, I am not saying that pastors should not pray for presidents, that man was representing an office; a whole nation crumbling before men of God because of political advantage they think they can get. And if the prayer will bail him out, let us wait and see. The truth is who is preparing for 2015, which faction of the PDP? Is it the (Olusegun) Obasanjo faction? Or IBB faction? Or Jonathan faction? The governors’ faction? Because PDP is a house divided against itself; it’s a chicken that has begun to eat its own intestines. By going to kneel down in the open before the pastor, the man (Jonathan) did not even recognise the dignity of his office. If it were a private thing, it is okay for you to crawl or kneel but it is a whole nation. That office has been diminished by a man who does not know the worth of it and does not deserve to stay there for one more day.

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    • Who awards this certificate “man of God”. Is it God himself or man? To a congregation their leader is a man of God, to others outside the congregation he might be a thief, a manipulator or anything. The fact that you call a person a man of God has a meaning only to you. Tunde Bakare might not be a man of God to you. Good. You are entitled to your opinion. To others he is a man of God. Machaiah was a bad prophet in the Bible because he delivers the word of God while other prophets were prophesying beautiful things for the king. Balaam was a man of God in the Bible until he started using his intimacy with God for personal financial gains. I pray that all Nigerian pastors would be like Tunde Bakare.

  1. Plèase sum1 shud tel pastor tunde bakare dat he’s goin beyond his limit…he shud go 4 ful time politics b4 he stat talkin nefariously….jonathan neva knee b4 adeboye bt he knelt b4 God,bkos u re pastor does nt mean u ar wiser than evrybdy..pls bakare stop misleadin pple in d name of christ pls!!!

  2. I think Tunde Bakare is becoming too sentimental.We all know the country is bad and our leaders have failed us but,he should not allow political sentiments becloud his sense of judgement. We read in the bible about kings who knelt before men of God. So whats the fuzz about the president kneeling in front of Pastor Adeboye?

  3. Tunde Bakare watz d fuss abt? you r using ur carnal minds & immoral heart to c Adeboye but Jonathan is seeing God not Adeboye, u r a man of God like u claim but there’s no truth in u. the same way Obama ws castigated 4 bowing down b4 a traditional institution in Japan. do not forget Adeboye is ordained by God to give leadership to God’s Pple including Jonathan hu happens to b a Christian. so stop this ur stupid & childish political gimmicks to rubbish Jonathan, because u r nt showing any respect for that office he occupies neither, if u respect dt office, u will respect the person occupying it.
    u r just seeking been a cheap popularity seeker & u wish u were the one Jonathan came to kneeling to, but it cn never b u cos u r obviously no true man of God bt a dirty politician.

  4. I don’t think tunde bakare knows ђã†̥ he’s saying. §ό̲̣̣̣̥ does it mean we all kneel down for our pastors or reverends, anybody who kneels i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ D̶̲̥̅̊ church does dat for God. If u я̵̵ pained by jonathan being D̶̲̥̅̊ president den spill it out u don’t av τ̅☺ bring i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ church things.

  5. I believe pst. Tunde Bakare needs deliverance. If he want jonathan to be paying tithe into his church,he should voice out. I pray that may he not die with all the rubbish he is saying with his mouth. He better go and ask for forgiveness from God. Only God knows what he will do if he was elected as the president which he does not deserve.

    • We should not forget that Pastor Tunde Bakere was an anti Christ (A MUSLIM) before he pretend to be a Christian to deceive many that are following him to Hell. If GEJ had gone to him for prayer, He will not be blaspheming. Who is he to Judge others. He is not a
      voice of authority and can never be one

  6. Tunde you are jeolous of papa ADEBOYE bcos he is morethan you, no president will eva knelt bfore u bcos u dnt represent GOD on earth, u are fake and very soon u will be expose we dnt need u in d christian dom, if u can make such statement dat why will GEJ knelt bfore GOD is he more than GOD, hypocrites GOD will judge u for belitling HIM.

  7. seriously i dont tink i am wrong. bakare is a fool for saying this. jonathan knelt down before God almighty, every man of God is a representative of God on earth. whats rily wrong with this man sef. He nids deliverance.

  8. Is caling a spade by its name SPADE exonarating some one from bin man of God?
    Is it the reason you are throwing all these insults to the reverend pastor?
    Is clueless, confused,looter, imbecile & nincompoop politician better than a pastor?

  9. I don‘t see anything wrong in President Goodluck kneeling down for the man of God Pastor E.A. Adeboye to pray for & bless him. It is a sign of humility which is one of the qualities of a good leader. Pastor Bakare must you criticize everything President Jonathan does because he conquered you in the 2011 presidential election? I believe one day you will criticize the way the president dresses or excretes when you lack what to criticize him about. I remember your child had confrontation with an army at the orientatation during his service,asking the soldier if he knew who he was. Do you think that child of yours has good moral upbringing? You have failed in your parental responsibilities as a reasonable man & spiritual father. We must not criticize to get cheap publicity,cos even the Holy Bible urges us to Pray for the leaders God has given us. That is why people like you can never be leaders in Nigeria,cos of your pride & lack of humility. The bible tells us that pride goes before a fool,and encourages us to be humble so that God will uplift us. Though i am not saying we should not criticize the president,and at the same time i am not holding brief for the president cos i am not his chief scribe. If we must criticize, it must be reasonable,constructively,maturedly as well as objectively. When policies & programmes that are no people- oriented are formulated for implementation,we are free to criticize,but even at that we must do it constructively & objectively. Some people will never see anything good in someone on account of the hatred they have for that person. Some owing to hatred will say you are pouring dust on them even when you‘re swimming. Why do some butterflies think they are birds? Thousand years of rainfall will never wash the spots on the leopard. God bless Nigeria & put both our internal/external enemies to shame.

  10. Tunde Bakare or watever he calls himself should shout up! Because he does not even read his Bible at all. In the Bible days The Office of The Priest is the only Office that is Superior to that of the King.The King receives Spiritual Direction from the Priest and uses his Official powers to enforce them in carrying his people along. If Jonathan were a Muslim wouldn’t he sit down and bow his head in receiving prayers from his Mallam? TUNDE BAKARE SHOULD LOOK 4 A JOB & STOP CALLING HIMSELF PASTOR.

  11. Pastor Tunde Bakare needs help. i think he should be told that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. He is gradually going insane (sorry for insulting him but he deserves it)

  12. Mr. Tunde Bakare. Are u telling me dat d office of d president is bigger dan God? God have mercy on u cos u are proving to me what a pastor u are.

  13. I’m very very sory for bakare,i don’t think he’s a man of God,for him to say dat jonathan belittled himself in God’s presence simply means he is a politician not a pastor as he call himsef.May God have mercy on him..

  14. Go and be reading constitution not Bible. Nobody is bigger to bow down for God whom yee believe. The problem of this country can only be solved by when everybody be on his or her kneel to pray. Pastor Tunde Bakare exalt the office of the president more than the presence of God. Very shameful to call him man of God. His a politician pastor.

  15. Tunder Bakare is a politician and not a pastor. If he is a pastor, and knows his bible very well, he would have read in the Bible where David the King fell to the ground and held Prophet Nathan’s cloth. Well, he is a self made pastor. I have never heard anybody that says he ordained him a pastor. We know who ordained Pa Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo. Have you heard or read the person that ordained Bakare as a pastor? He is deceiving his adherents. God save their soul.

  16. @Onye Yehoshua Nobyere. i don’t know if u ‘re a christian, but kings do kneal down b4 men of God in the bible.Go to the book of DANIEL chapter 2 verse 46. The great king Nebuchadnezzar before Daniel the man of God. Thanks.

  17. The pastor is wrong & guilty of blasphemy.Presidency does not make any1 to b bigger than his creator.GEJ as a devoted xristian reserves d right 2 honour his religion rule of engagement however belittling 2 d office he holds.While am not a liker of GEJ’s inept govt,i think we shd spare him of faith-based criticism & focus on issues that affect us most by his cardinal duty.

  18. With due respect to pastor bakere are u saying is a crime for a president to kneel down befor a man of God to be pray for,not even the office of the secretary general of the united nation can stand before a man of God.sir with due respect which side do u stand for,who do u think a president schould kneel before and be pray for please answer me,we are not talking about politics,anointing makes the difference the sit of the president of Nigeria is not bigger than God or his servant,that is a worldly position that can not stand before the least in heaven,remember Jesus be rapture concious than politics this is end time.

  19. Am disappointed in u guys…..i ask as a philosophy……n to be rational…..who is a man of GOD? Is there any persons made to be a man of GOD among others? What are the grounds of being a man of GOD? If yes, what are the rest people? Men of who? Even the bible that some of us are using as backups for jonathan to kneel before adeboye never called some one ‘man of GOD’ ….we All are children of GOD…. No exeptions …..i credit bakare… Well a black man is always a black man….i think jonathan behaved as a blackman

  20. “The black man is one that uses the word man of GOD to a precher or religious preacher who is in one way or the other popular in regards to his wealth or high positions in the society..”he respects n follows others or rules he gives not because he is a preacher but for his wealth n recognition as well as his reputation in the society.. diffrenciating himself from GOD and putting himself on a place he cannot explain….who is a man of GOD….? Is there any one known to be man of GOD exceptionally?…if yes,where do the rest men belong? If among five pupils from diffrent homes come together…. I can say or point this boy among them is mr max’s son..thus another person can come and say the other person is mr leck’s son…n at the end we will have a clear recognition to these pupils.. Thus if A is Y then B should be K…

  21. Í believe d bible says we should respect those in d position of authority n also pray for them. Í hate jonathan but he’s very democratic. Rev Adeboye isn’t my pastor but he’s humble n good, pastor tunde, abeg hu u be?

  22. Bakare should watch his tongue. is he himself not a man of God? if any man kneels before a man of God his such person kneeling before man. Bakare needs to be careful or else he will be swept off very soon.

  23. Jonathan humbled himself before God and God will contnue to lift him up. Is Bakare upset because GEJ did not kneel before him. Bakare the reason is not farfetched, simply you’ve become very carnal and have lost your annointing. Its apparent in your utterances. Close shop or church you call it and get something better to do. Arrogant man who made you a judge over GEJ. Hypocrite first remove the log in your own eyes before you can see clearly to remove the little speck in GEJ eyes.

  24. Is tunde bakere is a true pastor? Bc he not behaving like one, since he was deceive wit the Vp stuff under CPCthe man has since gone antagonistic against the president.

  25. dat iz called humility…now, hw many leaders cn do dat coz wat i see in most of dem 2dai iz pride, arrogancy nd pompousity.

  26. B warned Bakare,no nation is greater than God.The bible say dat d whole world is bt a drop of bucket in God’s sight n He hold d whole world in His sight.Nigeria is nt 2 big 4 God 2 rule if we al culd come 2 Him in total reverence,b warned warned Tunde cos no nation,people or persons dared God’s ability in d past wer able face it,or mayb u shuld ask Pharoah ur elder broda.

  27. This mr Tunde Bakare is a now a :::: Haram member of the fallen angels (….::) HE uSED to be a paststuff or whatever he think he was but of the :::: Haram is he now. May Jesus Christ the Most merciful save Mallam Tunde’s soul from the fire-hands of HaSATAN.

  28. Saul was annoited before he misbehaved. Yet David had two attempt to kill him, but won’t because of the oil on him. The truth is that our nation is not more than God and every authority must bow before God. Nevertheless, we should not abuse or insult Pastor Tunde Bakare, because the fact that he misjudged today does not erase the fact that he is called of God yesterday. Just say the truth and leave the rest for God. His judgement is not in man’s but God’s hand. Until Nigeria and her Authorities learn to knee before God, things will not change. Thanks.

    • I luv my prstdent GEJ he is a man i emulate his karacta,his humility his speech and his sense of judgement.pple used 2 say he is a woman 4 not destryen inocent Nigerians on d acct of boko haram o wateva dey cal demsef but he neva surcumb 2 deia vaices. He has portrays his leadership cuality why bone of contension pastor bakare.kneling dwn b4 God is nt a krime. We shud alwys pray 4 our prstd @ all time not giving room 4 crtism or r u tryn 2 b prince of parsia dat try 2 stop d prayer of daniel not reachen 2 heaven.

  29. What is Bakare’s problem, i think it is mere jealousy and hypocrisy that is worrying him. I believe he wished he would have been the one the president should have knelt down for. He seems to forget that the president was only kneeling for God, & not for Adeboye. He should know where he stands, whether for God or? not jumping from pillar to post and saying all sorts of rubbish whenever he feels like.

  30. I dont think Bakare has given his life to christ .He is not born again.Bakare him self knee down for Baba when he was running for Vp in the year 2011.Either open or close president Goodluck knee for God. if any of his member knee before him while praing for him does it mean that such person knee for Bakare. During sunday school lesson l want his church members to ask him who do will knee for when we pray?pls use your office to contribute good thing to Nigerians

  31. @commentators,Readers of this news,u are all miscontrue and misconcepting Pastor Tunde Bakare.If you read that article properly,pastor Bakare said there is nothing wrong if the president is kneeling down in d presence of a man of God with deep contrition on personal and private issues.He said the president knelt down before God bcos of His campaign and political ambition in 2015.Jonathan has not show any sign of penitence or contrite in spirit towards God.He has been Ruling the country in a harsh and condemnable way.Thousands of lives were cut short of their time,and thousands of Nigerians are in agony,pain and troubles as a result of poor system of governance and slackness of GEJ’s administration.you are all critisizing Bakare but u cant critisize Jonathan for tyranny.are u all satisfy with d poor situation of this country? Can God back up GEJ to continue misleading Nigerian?Can we continue in sins that the grace may abound?God forbid.

  32. To a large extent i am surprised at the level of stupidity Bakare is by making this státement considering the title that he bears, is that GEJ should have knelt before an idle or before him? No wounder God didnt allow him to smell that sit and also to añother large extent, i am not surprised considering the stuff he is made of. Bakáre is just like King David’s Wife who dispersed King David for dancing before God Almighty & such sin NEVER went unpunished by God & i call on the God before whom preisident Jonathan knelt to extend DOULBLE PORTION of the same judgement He reléased on David’s Wife on u Bakare. Please remove that Pastor title u have because u’re a HUGE pain to çhrístiandom

  33. Pst tunde, i will like to advice u to leave politics and be heavenly conscious. Trying to belittle Jonathan wil not help u, but to take insult from people. As a ordained pastor your duties is to pray for the leader and not to drag positions with them. As a pastor, where have u seen in the bible where prophet is draging position with leader. They only correct, blessed,and curse by the leading of God. So leave position for them and take up the mantle that God have giving u. Your calling is better than your political ambitions.

  34. Is Pst Bakere telling us that his congregation kneel down to honor him as a person or in honor to God Almighty…wonder what he meant.

  35. Pastor Tunde Bakare, i will say uou dont know your right as a man of God.
    You are not a real man of God am sori for that, you are found of critisising. Imagine you sa man of God talking against a man like you, even though EGJ is ur enemy you dont need to belittle him like dat. He is kneeling b4 his creator if you dont know ur worth as a man of God.

    Pastor Adeboye is a man of God and he’s representing God, EGJ is not kneeling for him but in honour of God. ok?
    Even if He kneel for Him nko? Does Pst Adeboye not worth it? Will EGJ be in that post for ever?

  36. Let him lie or kneel down, 2 me, dat is his business. Why he did dat remains his business. If he wanted 2 stand and b prayed for, he would ve done that bt he chose 2 kneel. He has d right to exercise his RIGHT. We are only talking about it bcos he is a public figure.

  37. How can a man of God be so passionate and inquisitiv about worldly issues(political matters) instead of d kingdom of God and its righteousness; nawa oooo what’s is our world turning into,don’t hav much to say o God help him… His forgeting dat we are only nothing but pencils in d hands of d creator.what possion and earthly honour can b cpmpeard to d kingdom of God,is he forgetting dat nobody becomes a king with out a king maker,who is a president? What honour does a president hav with out LIFE.God help bakare

  38. @haryor ……i dont think u kn wot plasphemy is ….. U just want to use it cos u like th word….. I am not in concern of jonathan kneeling or not kneeling…. Am concernd on the word “man of God” why do we call some1 man of GOD? What are the criteria of being a man of GOD? Who is the odainer? N what are the rest people? Men of man?

  39. If am to contribute to the issue of kneeling and not kneeling… I will want dose of u dat are in full opposition to bakare…. To answer this question with reason n wit philosophical clarification….”was jonathan kneelin to God or to the pastor? Wich eva we chuse as “yes” can he go to the ordinary church in d street n seek for prayer from that ordinary pastor in the street? Can he even kneel down for that poor pastor in the church to pray fo him? Since we myt say kneeling is for God….Common this guys are just playing a normal politics….. Its a rich-man to rich man issue……

  40. This is strange Pastor Bakare, everythn u do in life is ur mind set. Prayers work bcos one believes .
    Dis ur notion is very bad. my priest in my Church kneels when another priest says blessing he does care
    If d priest is just a day old as a priest. All he says is ‘ its my joy to receive blessing from my fellow priest
    Bcos everyday I bless u n no one ever says fada kneel let me bless u’ dis r d words of a man of God . Jonathan
    Is an ordinary man n when he believes d wrds of prayers, he believes d voice of d Lord.
    Pastor Bakare I advice you even a day old child is willing to pray for u, don’t despise him. When you kneel during prayers
    You keeps your heart close to God.

  41. What ever reason it was that made mr. President kneel before God does not concern bakare. It is obvious dat he, bakare, is being plitical. And from his point of view, the office of the president is bigger than God. And why does he always critisize mr. President. Well, i won’t judge any one but everything is in God’s hands and we will all see and know the truth on judgement day. I pray dat i make heaven so dat i won’t suffer with dose dat are decieving demselves here on earth. Pastor bakare should learn to pray for his leader and not for their downfall.

  42. Mr. bakare,I can’t call u a pastor as i used to call u b4. U ‘re already a failure in christianity line. i deeply respected u b4,but worldly position u are pursuing has led u astray. Who are u in the presence of a man God? Bible taught us to respect our leader,people in the position of authority. People that go to ur church should be careful and know the kind of pastor u are now…U owe the honorable pastor adeboye an apology so that he can deliver u this kind problem. u have soiled ur respect and hands….my God forgive u.

  43. Abeg, pst bakare has lost his way d best thing for him to do is to ask God for mercy. GEJ has done wat anyone wud do when he’s bout to be blessed regardless of whoever is blessing him. The word of God 4 u Pst Bakare is to remove d log of wood frm ur own eye b4 u can remove d speck 4rm another person’s eye. God bless y’all.

  44. Tunde Baskare, Jonathan has chose to go to real men of God to pray for him, are you jealous? u should learn to talk when it comes to things concerning God himself if not, the wrath of God will fall upon u.

  45. We have the courage to stand before men if we kneel before the Lord in prayers. Jonathan kneels before the Lord not before men mr. bakare, are u jealous?

  46. As much as I understand ur reasons for comments, what pst Bakare needs now is ur prayer of restoration if u kno what a soul won/lost means τ̲̅ȍ God & heaven. His soul & †ђã† of †ђξ sheeps in his church is important. God wil have mercy on him.

  47. I think Pastor Bakare has a point.kneeling down before the man of God does not say you are humble!Enough of all this backyard approach to God !Rejecting God’s express commands and going to kneel before His servant is a clear attempt at deception!If you are corrupt and wicked kneeling down 1000tms is not recognised before God.Our men Of God should shun political patronage in the name of praying for leaders in the public.!


  49. The Bible says “Touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm” This is a man who calls himself a Pastor speaking ill of another Pastor so who are we to judge. Best leave them to God’s judgement cos it is written that “I know My sheep and My sheep knows Me”. Do not invite GOD’s wrath by presuming to do His Job for Him…

  50. Pastor Bakare is a man of GOD just like any other men of GOD,the problem is he derailed during his political ambition,age wise,Pastor Adeboye senior GEJ,during papa Alayande 80th Birthday,OBJ greeted him in a Yoruba manner of greeting, OBJ lied down for papa Alayande. Agewise,GEJ can knee before pastor Adebayo.
    Spiritually,pastor Adeboye represent GOD on earth,when pastors prays and we knee down to say amen,we dont knee before pastor,we knee before GOD.My advise to pastor Bakare,please go and see pastor ADEBOYE and ask him for forgiveness,let us drop ego,humility is one of the core characteristics of a Good Christian.GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  51. Who is president before God Almighty? Mr president kneel down for the giver of life. what are u going to say about the president of the world Obama who Bows to Saudi King? @Pastor Tunde Bakare what about the politicians n governors who has been kneeling down for you? What do you call that?


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