Julius ‘D Genius’ Agwu To Release Autobiography Soon


Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle once stated “The history of the world is but the biography of great men”, reflecting his belief that heroes shape history through both their personal attributes and divine inspiration.

For a man who calls himself ‘D Genius’, and rightly so, he deserves to have his name written in the annals of history in a country and a world where he has redefined comedy.

His personal attributes and divine inspiration, as demonstrated in his comedy gives him a chance to be remembered as a great man after he’s long gone.

To ensure there’s a record generations unborn can refer to in future, the ace comedian, actor and musician is currently working on his auto-biography which will be unveiled on his 40th birthday on the 7th of April. The book which is yet to be titled, is being edited by award winning poet and writer, Toni Kan.

Julius Agwu will also launch his TV show – Jokes Apart, which he has been working on for five years, on that day.


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