Letter From The Heart Of An Igbo Girl To Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh


The unscrupulous lifestyles of Igbo NOLLYWOOD Actresses, Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh are just becoming too unbearable. 

This duo has ignorantly and intentionally refused to stop their no-longer interesting/entertaining lifestyles that are now tarnishing the image of the Igbo female group as a whole.

It is so disheartening how Cossy has continued to tarnish the image of our Igbo sisters through her dirty lifestyles that now give all Nigerians the impression that Igbo ladies are all prostitutes using their bodies to climb to the ladder of fame in all works of life, whereas in reality, it is not true, rather it is being practiced by few unscrupulous Igbo girls who have nothing else to offer to the Nigerian society aside exposing their God-given feminine physique in sexual-appealing manner to gain popularity, and by giving out their supposed holy-bodies to men (married and single) so long as he can pay the price.

Please Cossy and Tonto, Nigerians and most importantly, Ndigbo are no longer finding your ugly, dirty lifestyles funny, please you girls should turn a new leaf this new year and embrace God in your lives for your own good. You two maybe thinking that you are on top of the game, but you are only causing yourselves more harm than good, and if you ladies refuse to change for better, you will surely reap a negative fruit in future to come.

Finally, I am using this medium with other mediums to follow, to call on the Ohanaeze Ndigbo society to please write personally to Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh to change their lifestyles as soon as possible, and if they fail or pay deaf ear, then the Ohanaeze Ndigbo should write to NOLLYWOOD, PMAN, Nigeria Censorship Agency, and every other entertainment industry in Nigeria through the major national dailies in Nigeria, to ban them from participating in Nigerian entertainment industries of any kind.

This is so sad because they are no longer entertaining Nigerians but rather teaching the upcoming Nigeria youths bad moral conducts.

Just see the unimaginable picture an African woman of Igbo origin posted publicly online in the name of entertaining her so-called fans. Yes, such rubbish can be done in the west, this is Africa, Nigeria and this also goes beyond to tarnishing the name of Igbo tribe. Spread this message as fast as you can. Thanks.

Written by blogger Ngozi Kanwiro


  1. MISS or MRS Ngozi, you are in no position to judge them, and nobody has criticize Igbo ladies due to the fact just two are on the wrong path.

    • @adeniyi…dis is jst a piece of advice not judgement nd there’s naffin absolutely wrong wif dat…abeg iGBO babes,make una no vex

    • it’s unfortunate when someone is doing bad habit,some set of people will be happy or support his/her evil way instead of correcting such and restore him back from his madness ,remember the more evil we do ,the more we human being are threating the supremacy of God let avoid His wrath ,pls don’t blame the writer he is a God spokeman .

  2. Nobody is judging anyone. This is just a piece of advise that I believe it have τ̅☺ be heed to. These actresses for crying out loud are only teaching the coming lads another culture different from ours. These acts must be checked.

  3. These girls have no morals, no values, to say they’re girls of easy virtue would be an understatement. And I’m surprised that an Adeniyi could actually rise in their defence, as a yoruba man 4 dat matter u shd b ashamed of urself. Thank u Ngozi 4 telling those social deviants d bitter truth.

  4. I was tempted never to comment… In as much as people may no like tonto n cossy, the writer does not have any right to write such rubbish… Its unfortunate that we’re still leaving in primitive ages, if it was in the west… The writer wil have a case to answer

    • @ mavi…shut ur trash!wt do u knw abt western life. Do u realize dis is africa…dose who go 2 rome must act as d romans.if u dnt find african way of life funny,u can go 2 d west nd become d animal u want 2 be.

    • @mavi, u shud try undastand d msg d sender is tryin T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ pass across. Dos ladies A̶̲̥̅̊rε̲̣̣̣̥ a disgrace T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ womanhood. They shud try portray themselves as d role model they are. They are suppose T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ lay good example 4 we youth watchin them cos we emulate them.they A̶̲̥̅̊rε̲̣̣̣̥ bad ppl ά̲̣̣̣̥n̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ they nid T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ b sent out of nollywood. Ask ursef ds question. Wil U̶̲̥̅̊ b hapi T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ see U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​я̅ children doin stuff dis idiot does in movie? If U̶̲̥̅̊ happen T̶̲̥̅Ơ̴͡ b tonto dike father, wil U̶̲̥̅̊ b happy showin her off in d midst of U̶̲̥̅̊‎​​я̅ frnd? Think well ά̲̣̣̣̥n̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ think right. ℓ☺ℓ

    • @ mavi, if cosy is ur sister, will u be happy to see her display such pixs online, u should be able to diferentiate between good and bad, this is just a piece of advice not judgement

    • @Mavin, i’m really amazed you call that piece of advice primitive…. What rights have those stupid low-lives prostitutes got to assault our sensibilities?…. What is not PRIMITIVE about showing the world that terrible unshaped buttocks? I mean, she’s no where close to Rihanna or Halle Berry to show us those cassava nyansh…. Fucking prostitutes….

    • U shud b ashame of urself dat u cud mak such coment.primitive or wot eva u call it,lets cal a spade a spade.dis so calld celebrities ar teachin our young ladies evil act n imoralities.GOD bless d writer 4 me jare.”we ar africans”

  5. @Mavi u suck! This is africa & not europe or america. Here we have values & discipline which unfortunately some of u lack, what a shame.

  6. The ladies are confirm prostitutes… Can Ini Edo or uche jumbo e.t.c do what this so called celebrities are doing. Tonto and cossy are an educated illiterate..

  7. Babe like serzly,I dnt knw why dis is eating u up nd mind u tonto is not igbo…she’s south south or so .most of dem dat answer igbo names re not igbos.we knw our blood nd there’s naffin anybody can do abt it.I cnt imagine myself myself coming 4rm any oda tribe if not igbo so cut d crap…proudly igbo gurl

  8. if u notice cossy has lost her relevance in d industry so she is trying everything possible †̥Ơ remain relevant. Imagine d̶̲̥̅̊ pictures she dared †̥Ơ upload. Watch out cossy menopause is @ ur door step. As ƒσя Tonto I dont know y she cant emulate d̶̲̥̅̊ likes of Mrs Joke silva.

  9. People are here talking about morals and values,about being african and Nigerian,first judge urselfs,ask ur self,do I really represent a typical african woman,a decent nigeria lady who is supposed to go into the husband house as a virgin,who is supposed to wait till they pay her bride prize before moving into a mans house,if u are not such lady,quit judging them because u are not better of.
    You judge them because they are public figures,who is judging u in ur little runs u do under ur parents roof.those girls that stand along the road for customers,they are not tonto dike and cossy,they are ladies like us,who wil still come here and write about morals and being igbos and judge celebrities,which in our higher institutions,we wear indecent dresses,go to runs,jump in beds wit our grand fathers and do all sorts of immoral things,yet we write to others on how to live their lives as an igbo lady or nigeria,when our own lives are darker than theirs.

    • @ada…ur talking trash. Do u understand what it means 4 some1 2 be a public figure?it means dat pple re looking upto u both young nd old nd dat is why u shud behave urself..I knw u’re entitle 2 ur own opinion buh .there are simple rules guilding human beings nd wen ur falling out of line…iu re seen as an animal

    • @ada you no nothing about decency and i believe you are not what you claim, its a pity that you cannot distinguish between celebrity and the ordinary person out there…….do you know how much effect celebrities has on the society…..please just don’t come here and talk trash just because you a virgin or whatever…..we still have millions of virgin out there…you shouldn’t feel so special………..

  10. @Mavi u r senseless is dat d only thing they can learn 4rm west?,dnt u c hw women like them impact good things to the public?,be careful Mavi or what eva u call ursef

    • Ada is just talking bullshit…. What that over-bloated Cossy is doing is stupid, reckless, amoral and totally irresponsible…. Alot of us talk and judge our standards with what obtains elsewhere as if we have a fraction of what those folks enjoy or share similar value system…. Why homosexuals can openly walk the streets in the US for instance, they dare don’t try that shit here….. Cossy the prostitute (i believe she’s occultic and a “CATCHER”) has not right to assault us like so…. Nonesense!!

  11. @ada am really ashamed dat u can talk like dat,even if every oda girl does run on campus or anywhere 4 dat mata.dis 2 ladies in question re public figures n so should b r6le models

    • @uche,u think u are not anyones role model,in life everyone should live his or her live as if someone is by the side watching,u don’t wait to become a celebrity,its either u are being watched by ur family,neighbours,friends or ur future children,so don’t wait till ur name become tonto dike,that u wil start living an examplary life.they are human beings like us,if u as a lady without public figure can not walk in the right path,don’t expect another person to do that,u have as much right to contribute to ur society as much as they do.u can become a celebrity tomorrow,who knows,if u don’t hav a decent life now u can’t hav it then.whatever those people are doing,they did not start it now,it has been in them,tonto dike started smoking when she was 11 yrs,she wasn’t anytin close to celebrity then,she was a normal girl.Uche do the right thing now,don’t wait till u become someones role model before u live a decent life because u never can tell,maybe there is a little girl by the side wishing to be lik u.

      • @Ada if u say ppl should live the way they like then life would have been difficult we will start living like animals. In every thing we do we have think before we act, what impact it will make to others and Is not wrong for a person to advice some one if he/she is doing the wrong thing. Life itself is a lesson. I know that in many religions it has taught about decency and morality in the society and their religion is not an exception.

  12. well said Ng, now I know that we still have well brought up ladies in this our time, enough is enough for their waywardness. Ada nwamadu(Ngozi) if I have my way I would reward u for this bountifuly. Thumbs up once again

  13. Nice piece only that it was highly tribalised and directed 2 particular girls frm a particular tribe. Why not address girls generally?

  14. Unemployment has turn some pple into anoda tin, see if u want to bcum a star or create fame y not show ur own style n lets see. U ar de real DEVIL tryin to create tribal issue here, igbo or not dis pple are actress, if u dont like dem dey luk ur own, u be SECRETARY OF GOD? Who are u to judge, mind ur own businesss and stop dis rubbish….GROW UP GIRL

  15. This article is one of its kind.
    correction should start frm our government,if there are job provisions,no one will ever wish to act nude in public in other to fetch cash.
    Note:if u are not mad in nigeria,you will never get paid.For instance,see the living life of st.janet,obesere,fela,terry G,Tamaya and so on.

  16. I guess ngozi would av pointd it out and advise.ofcos they messed up but still they have there right.they r role models that turnout to b irresponsible.but sincerely how many of d ladies who spoke here can stil claom a virgin includin ngozi.is that d inline with our culture? Iwil say letz pric der conscience nt end career for them.ngozi nice wrk.u wer hurt but pls nxt time generaliz it to all nigerians.u shuld b a rolemodel to unity also not been selfcenterd.

  17. What is her biz Cox it’s more or less judging them. Also they shud BAN dem. She no dey do her own? She no get work . Make she go find work do.

  18. Ngozi , for ur info Tonto Dike is a Rivers gurl from ikwere, infact how is dia lifestyle ur bis? Ur judging them hope ur still a virgin?… I dnt knw much abt dia lives buf stop it, if u can’t b dem b urselves, haba u talk too much,

  19. @tammy,nobody is judging anybody rather is an advice,plz dnt take it personal.I belief if dis pple talking about are ur blood u will also give such advice 2 dem

  20. @tammy,nobody is judging anybody rather is an advice,dnt take it personal.I belief if dis pple talking about are ur blood u will also give such advice 2 dem.plz dnt criticise

  21. D writer is jxt on point,dox girls are disgrace †̥ woman hood……dey should better change be4 dr are distroyed wit dr sins.

  22. The write up is ok, but it shouldn’t be only for Igbo ladies but to all who r proudly AFRICAN. Moreover this life is a choice. Celibrity or no celibrity, charity begins at home. We can’t necessarily blame these 2 women for their lack of feminine modesty, blame it on their personal morals. Any youth who sees them as perfect role models abeg inspect his/her background.
    Anyone who choses to act like a tramp, dats ur cup of tea, if u choose to be Christlike na ur cup of tea too. I believe everyone knows what is good or bad for your person. When we die n meet our creator, we have no one to defend us but ourselves.
    So my candid advise is, LEAVE UR NEIGHBOUR AND FACE UR HOUSEHOLD!!! Enuff of the judmental statements. Why should u blame d state of the country for sum peoples lack of self pride!

  23. There is no doubt that most women who expose themselves for notoriety are simply attention-seeking, morally destitute dafts who believe their best shot at fame is by exposing themselves to anyone who cares. These nut heads need to grow up.

  24. Don’t have anything to say but all i have to tell the writer is that he/she is nothing but and intruder and a busy body.i mean, what concerns her in the lifestyle of these celebrities,is she their God or their parents,what kind of business does she do,she should’ve mentioned that here so we house can know

    Maybe she wrote that to be seen or be heard but can someone flog a dead goat knowing it’s dead
    People should mind themselves and business to avoid been cursed!

  25. I m surprise at some ladies who come here and and open their mouth, while der are not exempls in thir corners. Im sure if many of these girls who are talking here had had the opportunity of Tonto &Cossy, they’d have done it even worse than them. some gurls are talking here out of sorrow of not having that opportunity. I want to encourage ADA for her post, it so interesting. How many of you walk halfnaked on the street, how many of cheet on boys just to have money? How many of you have uncountable boyfriends…? If you feel yurslf in these categories, know you are not better than them; you better start read such post, feel guilty and change, before you start talking of other.

  26. @Mavi life is not the way u girls think.however this issue of using what u have to get what u want and the act of imitating others has become common thing among the african ladies, they have gone far to the extend of exposing their private part just because of material things we are not judging anybody, we are not in possition to judge anyone,we only give ourselves advice while God judge,i also red some comments in which some people state that the writter don’t have work,what is our work? What work have we done if we are watching our sisters and brother falling without any surport this is our surpot we are for each other so mavin dont be upset u help by talking to ur people mony is not everything,their is nothing lyk big girl or boy in heaven or hell all this things u cherish more than ur life wil become another man own some day.WHAT WILL A MAN PROFIT LOOSING HIS SOUL AND GAIN THE WHOLE WORD? So mavin what do u think?

  27. @emygem, tonto dike is nt an igbo girl, we rivers people are no igbos as for dis two, na wetin dem do wey make dem famous so lets leave dem alone. Although advice no be curse, hw many of unna wey dey talk here dey innocent of dis sin, sex is nw somtin wey get for free, even unna mood of dressing dey speak western language. So pls next tym to want to advice people u go tru d right channel and do dat, no one has d right to ban dem from acting. Hav u seen d music and industry lately den u’ll knw dey are jst spicing d entertainment a little more


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