Little Girl Tortured, Burned And Dumped At Hospital By Father


The little girl, identified only as Amna, was found wandering the halls of Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, crying, after she was abandoned at the facility over the weekend. Her father has been arrested and is being charged with torturing and abandoning the child, police in Sharjah said.

This is the face of an innocent three-year-old girl who was dumped at a hospital after allegedly being beaten, burned and tortured by her father

Col Abdul Qader Al Amiri, the acting director of Sharjah CID, said that social media and newspapers had contributed to quickly finding the parents of the girl, who has been identified only as Amna. The woman who found Amna at around midnight on Saturday at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah managed to calm her down, and eventually handed her over to the police when she could not locate the girl’s parents. Police said a medical check-up revealed Amna had been beaten and tortured. Burns were also found on her body, the report said.

Her father, who is Arab, was arrested at a resort in Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. According to the report the man told police he had left his daughter at the hospital in the hope that somebody would take care of her, as he was unable to look after her. He said his first wife, who holds a foreign passport, refused to take care of his daughter and his other children.

Kuwait hospital, where little Amna was found

Relatives of Amna’s father claimed he began torturing the three-year-old after her mother, who is understood to be Ethiopian, left the country. He would tell his daughter he planned to dump her in the street, they said. Amna has no identification documents and could not travel with her mother, the report said. The girl’s mother was Ethiopian and benefited from the amnesty.

Col Al Amiri said that the forensic laboratory of Sharjah Police were carrying out a DNA test to confirm the arrested man is Amna’s father. These kinds of acts from parents against their children are crimes against human rights, he said. The girl has been sent to a Sharjah social care home and her father’s case will be sent to the public prosecutors after the results of the laboratory tests.