Majek Fashek’s Bombshell: Dbanj Has Sold His Soul To The Devil


Legendary Reggae Artiste and self acclaimed ‘Rain-Maker,’ Majek Fashek, has given a damning verdict on Dbanj – he doesn’t like his music because according to him the kokomaster has sold his soul to the devil.

Majek, whose mental state has been a subject of debate recently following his renewed use of hard drugs, was asked to share his views about the recent generation of Nigerian Hit Makers and here is what he had to say:

‘I like Wizkid and 2face, they play good music‘I don’t like that other boy called D’banj, those ones that went to join Illuminati. How can you go and sell your soul to the devil because you want to be famous. I don’t even like his music anyway’

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  • Can Dbanj really sold his heart and soul to the devil? If true it means truly Nigerians are heartless people that can do anything for money. Thats why the leaders has no human feeling on the citizen.

    • Yes…..d bang sold his soul…bcos any artist collaboin wit illuminati…dat artist is definately part of them…d bible says “show me ur frds ad i will tell u who u ar”

  • what about prostitutes, arm robbers, government officials, 419s, many more musicians, any one who is not doing the will of God is sold to the devil, thats it

  • May God have mercy on us because no one is safe anymore,people that we trust are now turning to evil,dbanj this life is too short oh for all this nonsense .

  • this clearly shows dat we are in d last when many bcos of d luxirious life they want to live eats and dine wit devil. may God saves us all

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