Man Charged For Assault After Shoving Compressor’s Pipe Up Workmate’s Rectum

dubai courts

A man claimed in court on Sunday that he was joking when he shoved an air compressor’s pipe in his workmate’s rectum from over his clothes when they were working.

The 29-year-old Bangladeshi cleaner was said to have been tidying and suddenly decided to joke with the 46-year-old Indian when he pushed the pipe up his friend’s rectum which was switched on.

Prosecutors accused the defendant of assaulting the Indian and causing him permanent disability.

He denied the charges at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

“Didn’t you put the hosepipe in his backside when the air was puffing out from it?” presiding judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi asked the suspect.

“I did so but from over his clothes. I did not mean to hurt him because it was supposed to be a joke,” the suspect argued.

The victim testified that around noon on October 29, the suspect pushed the hosepipe right up his rectum causing him pain.

“The suspect was working with the air compressor and using the hosepipe to clean the floor. When I walked beside him, he suddenly put the hosepipe in my rectum from over my clothes. It was very painful and I felt that my stomach and face inflated. I fell down on the floor but I didn’t lose consciousness. It was a very painful feeling… an ambulance car rushed me to the hospital. I remained in hospital for six days and was subject to a surgery,” claimed the Indian.

An Emirati policeman said the defendant admitted that he joked with his colleague when he inflated his rectum with the hosepipe.

A judgment will be heard on January 30. [GN]