Man Dies On Christmas Day, Wife Throws Party A Few Hours Later

In an extraordinary incident, a Mahatshula woman in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe hosted a party after the death of her husband.

According to sources, the party was held on Christmas Day just a few hours after the woman’s husband died. The woman, Nomasonto Zikhali is said to have lost her husband, Khumbulani Ncube, who died on Christmas day.

Zikhali reportedly invited her friends and relatives to join her in the party. Reports say Ncube’s relatives boycotted the party as they condemned the move with all the contempt it deserved.

“Surely, how can someone do such a thing? She should be taken for mental examination to ascertain whether all is still well in her brain. We are all in shock. We were about to join her in her mourning but we were left speechless after we heard music being played at a very high volume. I asked another neighbour to accompany me there and we found her dancing with some women and a few men,” said a source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source said Zikhali was questioned about her seemingly uncultured behaviour by other neighbours and she sent them packing. She reportedly said life should not stop because her husband had died on Christmas Day.

“That woman is crazy. Even weddings do not go on if someone close to the groom or bride dies. This whole Christmas thing is a mockery of our values. I don’t think Jesus will be happy to see people soil the values of humanity using his name,” fumed a neighbour.

The source said Zikhali’s in-laws were gathered at their rural home and had decided not to involve her in the funeral proceedings.

“Who can blame them? I would have done the same if I were in their shoes. What she did is unheard of. Maybe she is from another planet,” said the source.

Our news crew caught up with Zikhali who by no means resembled a woman in mourning.

“Let them talk. I am living my life. So are they telling me that life should not go on after the death of my husband? They are getting it wrong. I wasn’t celebrating his death, but Christmas Day like all Christians,” said Zikhali.

The widow, who was putting on a gleeful smile during the interview further said she just wanted to relieve stress.

“I would have died of stress. A wife and husband dying on the same day, what would have that been? Perhaps good news for the media. I don’t care what they say. I know what I was doing and I am not going to sit here and try to please some people who do not even care about my welfare,” said the woman who lost her husband last week.

Zikhali said she was unmoved by the irreparable damage between her in-laws and herself.

“No one knows what I am going through, so it will be best for me to try and alleviate my stress by doing what makes me happy,” she said.


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