Man Pays Price For ‘Love At First Sight’; Gets Six Months Jail Term

A technician paid the price of ‘falling in love at first sight’ and was rewarded with six months behind bars for molesting a woman when she served him water.

The 28-year-old Indian technician (name withheld) was accused of groping a Filipina housemaid and touching her indecently when he claimed to have fallen in love with her the first minute he saw her.

The man was among a group of technicians who went to the villa of the Filipina’s sponsor to fix the cooling system.

The Indian who pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court and claimed that he touched the woman accidentally, had his appeal rejected by the Dubai Appeal Court. The court confirmed his six-month imprisonment, and he will be deported following the completion of his punishment.

When the defendant appeared in court, “It was the first time that he ever saw me… he said that he loved me and allowed himself to touch my private parts. He groped me when I served him a cup of water,” the 21-year-old housemaid claimed.

The defendant contended before the court that he was with a team of technicians fixing the cooling system when the incident happened.

“I asked her for water because I was thirsty. I followed her to the kitchen. When she handed me the cup, I touched her breast. Later she dropped her complaint,” said the accused, who handed the judge a copy of a written waiver

The Filipina testified that the incident happened while the technicians worked at the rooftop of the villa in Jebel Ali.

not the tech though, but he also groped...
not the tech though, but he also groped…

“The workers arrived at 9.30am. The defendant asked me to serve him water. I was surprised when I spotted him climbing down from the rooftop and walking behind me into the kitchen… To my surprise he said ‘I like you’ and suddenly he placed his hand on my top. I scolded him angrily. Immediately he apologised. I was frightened so I ran away along with my sponsor’s girl and hid in my bedroom. I told my sponsor who reported it to the police,” claimed the housemaid.

The appellate judgment remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 28 days.

The incessant cases of molestation in India and related offences Indian men commit in foreign countries keeps one wondering what is wrong with the libido of Indian men. Is it by any chance higher than normal?


  1. The world is no longer conducive 4 us 2 live in anymore.Most of us do not know our destination if the trumpet should sound now.Therefore,we are all confused even b4 now dat’s why our leaders are misbehaving without considering the populace.


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