More Troubles For D’Banj As Kanye West Set To Drop Him From G.O.O.D Music

It is now being speculated within the music industry in hush tones that D’Banj may been shown the exit door at Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music label which D’Banj claims he is still at.


According to information gathered from reports and some industry sources, all may not be too well between D’Banj and his American boss.

What scooped reveals that Kanye was never happy with the split between D’Banj and Don Jazzy in early 2012.

We gathered that Kanye actually signed Don Jazzy to produce D’Banj for his record label, but with the split between them, it was no longer possible for Don Jazzy to perform his obligation of making ‘good’ beats for D’Banj.

Now that D’Banj took a step further to sign J-Sleek as his music producer, what sources in D’Banj’s camp reveal to industry sources is that Kanye is not pleased with J-Sleek’s production prowess and he sees D’Banj’s new collection of songs as weak.

What some tale-bearers are saying now is that Kanye is disappointed at D’Banj as his (Kanye)initial quest of storming African music through the duo of former Mohits Records has been defeated and D’Banj’s new singles are no where match what convinced him to sign on the two African superstars when he signed them in 2011.

There are indications that D’Banj may consider reconciling with Don Jazzy or lose his deal with Kanye.

Though we couldn’t confirm if D’Banj would consider the first option as we were told that his (D’Banj) ego might be a big obstacle is making the first option become a reality.


  1. D’banj should consider the first option, that don jazzy will produce a beat for him does not make him his boss, bussines is a bussines, after all it’s all a deal. infact their are not enemies is just that both of them decided to shear their company which is “mo hitz” for more progress to be coming independently. D’banj i think you should allow don jazzy to be producing beat for you. i think Nobody is still a child.

  2. When Dbanj heard the name Kayne WEST n MUSIC n AMERICA … he smiled and told Don baba J, na America oh, na Kayne West oh, dis na money oh… i beg make we go America make we forget Africa …. funny dbanj, Instead make u dey africa dey do ur music small small, u don make name n fame, u don make money, ur level for africa be like kayne level for america… as people know kayne west for america na so people know u for africa as a whole…. which song u don sing for america …. kayne add u join full album….. na only ” aaaaahhh ooohhhh aahhhh” na b ur lyrics inside full album by bros…. i listen to oyato n bachelor n d other music…. i fear say dis no b dbanj of Igwe, fall in love, olive twist, koko, suddenly…. bros one love sha… u big, just coordinate urself…. nor go look name like kayne west den lost ur own name….na word i tell u