NBC ban the video of Psquare Alingo,Take Banana, Shake Ur Bum Bum and others


The Nigeria Broadcasting Coporation has banned the video of P Square’s Alingo for what they called Erotic dance steps.

They also banned the video of Flavour’s Shake. Goldie also didn’t escape the ban as her video for Ski bobo also got the ban.

Full list of Banned [Not To Be Broadcast (NTBB)] videos

1. P Square – Alingo (erotic dance scenes at the end of the musical video)

2. Wande Coal – Go Low (scenes of nuditiy in the video)

3. Chuddy K – Chop My Dollar (features ladies and children with suggestive and erotic dance steps )

4. D’Prince – Take Banana (contains erotic, vulgar, words and suggestive dance steps)

5. Flavour – Shake (vulgar and suggestive dance steps)

6. Tillaman – Ko Ma Roll (contains erotic and suggestive dance steps)

7. Goldie – Ski bo bo (features minor with suggestive and immoral dance steps)

8. Timaya – Shake Ur Bum Bum (erotic, suggestive dance steps with vulgar lyrics)

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  • To me, ‘Alingo’Psquare’s video has nothing to do with the ban. Instead I think Timaya’s video,shake ur bum bum should face the ban fully,so corruptive.

  • though what the NBC did is good at least others will learn from them. meanwhile that woun’t stop the dudes from getting their money

  • Personally to me,I can’t see anything wrong in Alingo dance. In need of latest fashion designer,ping me on bb,pin 2570E704 or call me on 08185588533,for ladies only.

  • to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that video (alingo). should I say its very classic and mature maybe nbc should take a closer look to that video because p’ple like it.

  • Nbc una dey learn.dat video was totally d best,wit beautyfull dance steps dat is so tight.p2 please 4give dem 4 they dont know what they are doing.i passionatly love u psquare.

  • @ first i tot NBC will b hapi dat 9ja musicianz ar doin der best,bt bannin Aligo it show dat nja Guys are doin more dan xpected of dem,infact psquare pls remix aligo wit d same dance steps JARE

  • Don’t see anything wrong with the alingo dance except for the fact that it looks like a direct copy of the Ghanaian dance..azonto..maybe thats why it was banned

  • nigeria music industry is doing very great but i was annoyed when i heard about dis unhelpful bann of long waited fine videos that this artises have suffered to produce.NBC are u gonna make me not to download this videos or not to play it.if u are looking 4 wat to ban go and wipeout the sex and immoral vidoes and pictures in the internet..

    see that triangle with the lightening effects…
    the 1 from the eye when the guy on byke
    drove pass and the 1 drawn with the hands
    from the feet on the dance stage….

  • Money’s de root ov al evil..All diz dumbass artists work for da devil..Dey’r souled out puppets.Dey sold deir souls to da devil for money n fame so dey’r up to deir game.Bcarful!

  • Well 4 me i’d luv d video but it waz gud as it waz banned becoz dere re sum symbolz dere dat re illuminanti bt i’m nt sayin dey re part of d cult coz i dont knw

  • That video alingo is pure illuminati. Why is it that those that are rich join illuminati. Thats not fair, they dont know yet that hell fire is totaly different from what they think. Maybe they think its not real. But let me ask you. Why is things in the bible gradualy coming to existence?. Even if they dont wana beleive, is it not good to be good? There is goodness in doing good

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