Newly Married Actor, Charles Inojie In Paternity Mess

29-year-old Abuja based woman, Lynn Nguseer Adi, is accusing newly married actor Charles Inojie of being the father of her young daughter.


Lynn said she and Charles dated for 10 months in 2011 and he was all over her until she got pregnant.

She claims Charles Nnojie was initially cool with the pregnancy, but when she was three months, he asked her to get an abortion.

What Lynn didn’t know was that Charles was in another long-time relationship with Obehi Obhiseh, the woman he married in November. Obehi is heavily pregnant now.

Lynn said Charles hasn’t called her, doesn’t reply her messages and has said he doesn’t want anything to do with her and her baby.

Lynn is now asking for a paternity test.


  1. After reading this story I observed that it was that of an agrieved lover trying to get her pound of flesh. 1. She didnt say the guy denied the pregnancy. 2. There is no indication that the guy was neglecting her prior to marrying the other woman. My advice to girls especially in Nigeria is 1. Never think that getting pregnant for a Nigerian man will make him marry you. 2. Do not show unnecesary poor character to your man simply because you are pregnant for him or you have a child for him. Men are wired differently from women and they love to be respected and reverend so much no matter what. Be wise.

  2. To Charles: shame on you for your comment, because saying all these things shows you can also do the same because men usually pretend they love the woman before they get pregnant, it is after the woman usually know the man was just using them.
    to the girl, it is obvious you made a wrong decision to love the wrong guy, woman make this mistakes once in a while but when things like this happen, you have to be strong and move on not make a public show of all the mess/ your mistake. please take care of your child and stop wasting your money and time on a guy that has used and rejected you publicly . take care of your child and pray that God will bring your own husband one day and hand him over to God to revenge for you because when God deals with him even you will pity him. when your child grows up you will forget all the pain and thank God you decide to have the child not do the abortion he ask you too. ( to all women nobody knows which child will be the good child, not all children born into a happy family turns out to be good children, even Obama ( the first black president of USA ) is an illegitimate child but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get to his destination in life.(no matter how your child’s father treated you pray for your child: it is your child your future).