NGF should be checked or it will put the country in serious trouble – Jibril Aminu

Jibril-Aminu-612x300Senator Jibril Aminu has described the Nigerian Governors’ Forum as strange and an instrument of oppressing the Federal Government and the people. Aminu made the remark at a media briefing, organised by the Adamawa Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholders in Yola.

According to Aminu, “It is very strange. I worked in many countries and have not seen anything like such a forum. The Governors’ Forum is what is used to oppress everybody, including the president… I don’t know how the forum came about in this country. And if it is not checked, it will put the country in serious trouble.”

Aminu also added that the forum always ensured that state governors had their way in everything, including nominating who became an ambassador or member of the National Assembly. He then called for the application of internal democracy in the running of the political parties, cautioning against the politics of sentiments and stressing that the introduction of sentiments in the nomination of candidates would bring about tyrants in public office.

Aminu protested against the intervention of Governor Sule Lamido committee in the crisis in Adamawa PDP and said he had no confidence in the choice of Lamido, because of his relationship with Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa.


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