“Obasanjo Gave Birth To Boko Haram By Allowing Sharia Law” – Security Consultant

Condemning the recent critic comment made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo on President Goodluck Jonathan’s approach on Boko Haram, a security consultant has blamed the former president for the development of the fundamentalist group.


Mr Max Gbanite, a strategic security consultant, claimed that allowing the implementation of Sharia Law in some parts of the north during the Obasanjo regime led to the development of Islamic sect that are now staging insurgency against the Nigerian government.

The security expert made the allegation on the Channels TV breakfast show, ‘Sunrise Daily’, where he alleged that “He [Obasanjo] allowed Sharia to take effect because of an alleged unholy alliance between the then Governor of Zamfara state, because they did not want the then National Security Adviser [NSA] to have a role in government, therefore he called a political Sharia.”

The political Sharia, he claimed, moved to Borno state, which is now the home ground of the Islamic sect.

Mr Gbanite blamed the emergence of Boko Haram on what the administration of Chief Obasanjo failed to do, saying, “Boko Haram is a new phenomenon that wouldn’t have degenerated to the level we have it if Obasanjo in his eight years in power did what was fundamentally right in promotion of democracy.”

Noting he is not President Jonathan’s ‘fighting dog or attack crocodile’, Mr Gbanite decried the former President’s mannerism of going on an international media to lampoon the current Head of State.

According to him, President Obasanjo’s statement of stick and carrot approach on Boko Haram indicates that President Jonathan is failing in addressing the nation’s security challenges and this is not right for a former president.

He likened President Obasanjo attitude to former military head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, saying that “the simplicity of the elder statesmen is rascality.”

He enjoined them to take a cue from other elder state men, who are as well bothered about the challenges bedeviling the nation but will resort to talking to the President in person.

Mr Gbanite, however called on President Jonathan to invoke the amnesty deal for the Boko Haram insurgents as a way to quickly and peacefully quell the unrelenting insurgency.


  • I thing this security consultant did not know what he is saying, that allowing shara,a law to exist is the one bring boko haram in this country. Then what brougt the militant in Niger delter? He should know that, the militant came before boko haram. Mr. Consultant please know what to say, just because of the cool war between GEJ and his former master OBJ, that you want use it and money. Nigeria is our country, you should know that.

  • Mr GBANITE u have no point.. By insulting the former president…. May JONATHAN Have pay some amount of money to do so, Lets call a thief a thief, MR PRESIDENT Should be able to handle insecurity of this country, so stop betting around the bush.

  • Pls security consultant pls so you really know anything concerning security at all? I think Gen. Obasanjo is experienced in terms of security than you & he knows what need to be done to tackle insecurity. I don‘t think Gen. Obasanjo has ever insulted President rather he has been criticizing him constructively & maturedly over his weak approach to the insecurity menace. There is no way insecurity will be like this if Gen. Obasanjo is the President of this Nation now. We can run away from the fact that President Goodluck is fighting insecurity & corruption with kid gloves. Why was insecurity not rampant during Gen. Obasanjo democratic tenures? Because even the hooligans & hoodlums are scared of the security expert who was the President. Though we know insecurity is a global issue,still we need to come up with a holistic approach,strategies,techniques & methodology to curb it. Gen. Obasanjo has done his best & is still doing his best towards the unity of Nigeria as a Nation & i will not allow any so-called “security consultant“ Gbamite to jettison my great leader “Gen. Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo“. Please if you lack what to write don‘t insult charismatic leaders like Gen. Obasanjo. Long live Gen. Obasanjo,long live Nigeria. Dalyop Bako Friday, Jos Plateau State,Northern part of Nigeria

    • It is frankly unfortunate that a jos man could reason like this! One , who killed d leader of Bkh, was it gej or Yaradua? Y did bkh went so uncontrollable? Is it nt bc of d force employed by yaradua?

      I know some of d issue in d north friday if u dnt find out! Like u praise obj too extreme, after d burning of Odi, why did militancy still came up in d Niger Delta? Why wherent scared of the entire Bayelsa and River state burned up ? Why did simple negotiation like amnesty brought it to an end? Why couldn’t any of d northern governors developed a program as did former governor Silva developed amnesty to yaradua?

      Y r they all quit, who can d president talk to? When they r faceless? What are there agitation? Would u want jos to be an Islamic state? Would u want friday to be public holiday and saturday a work day? Will u want d north to operate islamic banking system and Islamic dressing?

      I think, u can only talk to ppl u kn, violence cannot solve any problem, I think mr president should invite the US since our security agency lacked the expertise.

      I former president I honestly think he is wrong!

      • Kemi I wonder why we commentators worsen situation by posting bias and sentiment comments. U tend to forget that Nigeria is a country with diff religious and ethnic groups, and every one has a right to go about practicing his faith. Blaming friday 4rm plateau you did amazes, the two of you can’t have thesame opinion even though the both of you are Christians. Islamic Banking worry about is a choice no one is forcing you to go 4 it, weekends starts on fridays weda u like it or not. So we are to intensify our prayers not to blame Obj, Yaradua or GEJ.

  • Frankly, if obj is saying that mr president need to talk to Bkh, I ask: how do we know them? Or perhaps OBJ knows them? Most persons believe Gej is weak, I ask OBJ, do u want GEJ to burn down Borno, kano, kaduna, Abuja etc as deed Obj to Odi,

    I think, d statement of Obj is like d Reply Gen Ogowon said : an unfair security analyses from a retired Gen,

    Plz, amnesty cannot work because these men r faceless and r terrorist, Obj as former head of state should take lead, talk to them and advise d president. Well, Jonathan should invite America since d northern elders have failed to help d government and the Nigeria Police and army could not secure life and property in this country!

  • Mr. Gbanite I think u hav thinked in the wrong way. Let me first ask u; Do u think dat Islam Support killings of Innocent people? If u do so then try not to think dat I’m a Muslim nd i dnt knw a single verse dat says u shld go nd kill someone if he doesn’t follow ur religion. According to Qur’an 5:32 ( “If anyone kills an innocent person is as if he kills the whole of humanity nd his reward wll be HELFIRE! & If anyone saves a life is though as is he saves the whole of humanity & his reward will be heaven( PARADISE)”.
    Anybody that can claimed to b a Muslim nd engaging himself in an act of terrorism, I wll not hesitate in saying that he is not a MUSLIM! he has his own goal dat makes him to b doing dat but dnt think dat his religion permit so, if u want to judge a Muslim dnt look at the Black sheep Muslims find a proof in their scripture dat says the shld be killing. ISLAM means PEACE if u dnt believe in peace u ar not a Muslim. I wll end my talk by saying that BOKO HARAM IS NOT AN ISLAMIC SECT, I rather cll it a political sect trying to disguise under a religion to divide Nigerians nd achieve their goal. How many non Muslims that hav been caught trying to explore bomb? wat can u call them? So lets jst understand all these politics nd fight against anything that can bring our dear Country NIGERIA down.

    • Charles, I know it would be difficult for you to understand sharia because of your ignorant for sharia. Sharia to mulims is not a new law as you think. Have ever ask yourself if realy “is the Sharia that gave birth to boko haram why the bombing in the north and not in the south or east”?.

  • I think that OBJ as a former H of S should do more, than just talk. he should rather get actively involved in tackling the insecurity situation of our country. As an elder states man he should be seen to be walking towards uniting the nation rather than making incisive statements that seem to undermine the integrity of the president. After all he OBJ is supposed to be a military tactician.

  • Mr Gbanite is not a security expert by saying sharia instigated boko haram. He supposed to have said that the amnesty program that was given to the lazy and senseless millitants gave birth to the sect.

  • This ignorant man calling himself security consultant needs orientation & needs 2 get a psychiatric physician 2 check him if he is ok.

  • Let me ask you all first, what is BOKO HARAM, can any good muslim translate it please, and can you guys muslim also translate SHARIA also, what are all this stands for, i have been in jos, seen uncountless crisis, bomb blast that has happen in jos, none of this bomb blast hapen mosque or in any muslim places, but it has happened in christian churches, places, uncountless time, what are you muslim guys telling us, come to jos on sunday you will see for yourself how road block is everywhere, because of what?, because of bomb. if you haven’t been in jos before, if you come to jos you will hate jos. what am asking to you muslims, are we in afghanistine or samalia or what. what am asking how many of you northern governors has come openly and oppose what is happening in north, the answer is NO, none of them. and we all know that boko harams are faceless, but i strongly believe that you hausa’s know them. you guys want mr goodluck to do what obj did in ODI, so that you guys will take to CNN, BBC arabic, so that the whole world will see it and think that goodluck hates you northerns as you guys normally do in jos. all i know one day this country will split.

    • Gab, the question you should ask yourself is “why are the christians planting bombs in churches to kill fellow christians”. Islam as a religion have nothing to do with boko haram and sharia in other hand is the total way of life ordine by the Creator for the muslims. I think is a high time you should open your eyes to see the truth!

    • Gab, one thing I don’t get clear here is are you talking the Hausas or Muslims? Because they are two different things “tribe” and “religion”. And you think the Muslims have any thing to lose if Nigeria split? It would be better for Nigeria to split for the Muslims to have the right to practice Islam than to be a nation and be denied the right to practice Islam.

  • Sharia law, Islamic Banking or Islamic dressing is not our problem, but people like Mr Gbannite and co are nigeria’s problem. The way out for nigerians is justice and finding the root cause of the insecurity in the country.

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