(PHOTOS) French Congressmen Exchange A Kiss To Support Gay Marriage

Two members of Parliament were among 120,000 people who demonstrated in favor of “marriage for everyone” in France. The law is expected to be debated in Parliament over the next week.


This is Nicolas Bays and Yann Galut, they are congressman for the Socialist French Party (PS)…

… And they did this because a simple gesture is sometimes louder than words.

They said:

“We’re both straight, we’re both married with children. But today, with this kiss of solidarity, we meant to stand with homosexuals as members of Parliament.”


  1. born u are,walking gradually started,went to primary school or what ever school your(mother and father)who gave birth to you take you,went to college and university.everybody is happy you are civilize and living among civilize people in a civilize country.it is uncomprehensive to think and conceive,perceive the idea of same sex marriage.logically,morally,religiously,educationally,emotionally and even socially is uncomprehensive.it is not civilize,nothing like liberty,unthinkable it is,ignorance and dark-age

  2. You, guys, called them the civilised world. I think they have reached their statuarated civilisation and are turning back to barberism. Further, you often clap at them for every soft of thing good or bad.


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