Photos: Shameful Photos Of The Nigeria Police College, Ikeja

POLICE28Seeing pictures of the college where our policemen are trained, not only reminds one of how successive governments have failed in their responsibilities, not only to these trainees but Nigerians in general as well as calls to question the psychological state of most policemen scattered across the country.

If our policemen are trained in an environment not even fit for animals, how do we expect them to begin to even relate properly with the civilian populace they are meant to protect? Who malnourishes his dog and expects it to bark when danger looms or who sows beans and expects to reap apples? It is a natural law; what you sow is what you reap! GIGO.

The pictures below tell the story of the Nigeria Police College, Ikeja, Lagos – the first police college in the country, built in 1940. Deplorable does not even begin to describe its current state.

Thanks to Channels TV, Nigerians and indeed the whole world, now knows the inhuman conditions of the dormitories at the training college where recruits spend months training to become police officers.

The college which was initially built to accomodate 700 students, unsurprisingly, now holds not less than 2,554 trainees. And since its conception about 70-years ago, there has been no major development at the college except for a few renovations. What’s more, the trainees are only entitled to a N150 daily meal allowance.

So, the next time you see a police officer discharging his duties, before you begin to blow all the grammar and boast if he knows who you are, think twice about where he is coming from and the conditions that moulded him – it might do you a whole world of good.

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  1. How did they want them to be efficent to d nation when dey where treated in dis manner.God will punished all our leaders dat are disturbing dis nation

  2. See, to be sincere, Federal Government knows about it. The problem is not what they produce from the college but those that suppose to maintain and renovate the structures are the worst enemies of the nation. They know what suppose to be done at the right time. To the police officers recruited to such environment, I pity you all. Good and reliable police officers can not be produced from such environment. May God help this nation and our government.

  3. oh well im not surprise at all, meanwhile this is just the outside they need to go in and take a good look at the entire place its a mess, beside those call the police oga’s are not helping the matter they are to be blame of this cos none of them have any vision at all….something needs to be done. first of all they need to change the way which the recruit people to join the police cos about 90% of them could not write their names how much more of speaking English i remember one day i was at the police playing grand on a morning training with one of the oga’s having my morning work out and i heard one of the newly recruite speak i was wondering how he got there at there first place. that will explain it to you that that fellow did not finish elementary school. i will suggest the put up a law that its only those that finish high school should be allow to join beside they should also have some test set up for anyone that wants to join the police to first take the test before their application will accepted.

  4. IGP ITS UP TO YOU ! All the police training formations are in a sorry state. Please treat these facilities and the inhabitants with respect,as it will go down in record that u are the first IGP to put these edifices in top shape,and habitable.


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