Photos: SUV Plunges Into Lagos Lagoon From Third Mainland Bridge

IMG00127-20130126-1215Last year, a tweet was sent out from the official twitter handle of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, warning motorists to proceed with caution as a bus reportedly plunged into the Lagoon in Lagos; it turned out to be a hoax.

But today, early in the morning, a Toyota Sienna reportedly plunged into the lagoon from Third Mainland Bridge and this is no hoax as Ilaje fishermen around the area gathered for a rescue operation.

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), while confirming the incident, stated that the accident happened at the Adekunle junction of the bridge.

“A private vehicle fell into the water. Rescue people have sighted the vehicle and are trying to pull it out,” said Sadiq Abdulrahman, FRSC Unit Commander Lagos Island.




  1. dis is to whoever posted dis news. Pls correct urself. A toyota sienna is a Multi Purpose Vehicle MPV, and not a Sports Utility Vehicle SUV. Stop posting from ignorance. You can just say ‘vehicle’ simple.

  2. Most accidents On Our Roads are as a result Of Over-Speeding.I do Ply that bridge on a daily basis and i See that rate Of which Vheicles Speed with Reclessness.
    And i think the reason Why the Car Plunnge into the Sea is becos Of a ruptured tyre while On a high Speed Which he the driver Can not Control.


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