Popular Bishop Sparks Outrage With Photo Of Him And His Granddaughter In A Bathtub

336534Is it appropriate for a grandfather to share a bathtub with his grand daughter ? That is the question on the lips of many when a popular Chicago preacher provoked controversy after posting a picture of himself in the bath with his granddaughter on Instragram.

Bishop Larry Trotter of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church caused uproar on Twitter after sharing the intimate snap with his fans on the popular photo-sharing site.

In the picture, Trotter and his granddaughter smile for the camera while covered in bubbles from the neck down. It is not clear whether they are naked.

One outraged fan said: ” No man should ever ever ever take a bath with a female in his family or friends. That’s only for a man and his wife! This is totally inappropriate behavior!”

Another said: “This might seem innocent but my question to you is why on earth you are taking a bath where your 4/5 year old granddaughter can just walk in on you and question about the bubbles in the tub.”

And yet aother wrote: “I simply could not find anything right with this picture and I looked for 3 minutes.”

But the bishop has defended himself by saying that while taking a bubble bath, his grand daughter, who was visiting with her parents for the weekend, came into the bathroom and asked him if she could get in the tub and he said yes. Meanwhile, he claims the girl’s mother was there and took the photograph.


  1. i don’t see anything wrong with a man in the bathtub with his grand daughter, for crying out loud the man in question happen to be a bishop. what is the world turning to? Also to the bishop and others that post anything on social network to be aware. it is not everything you post on social network to avoid being misinterpret by people. A world is enough for the wise.

  2. Olaniran, I can see you are a pervert without an iota of common decency,fools like you have logs in their eyes,this is indecent act is not expected of a bishop, you think he can do it as long as he does not post it online. One by one God, will expose you animals who should be prosecuted for child abuse.By the way its ‘ a word is enough ‘ Ashlock !( german for asshole )

  3. This is a very transparent man…. Who didn’t reason that the public would react to the picture the way they did… Because… He knew it wasn’t more than a mere bath wiv his grandchild… And I bet he’s not naked… People read a lot into minor things…. Its a simple world… Y’all be acting soo complex, rigid and stuck up!