Presidency In Disarray Over First Lady’s Health

GEJ-and-PatienceIs the Presidency confused as to the exact state of health of the first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan or is this part of plans to continue the game of hide and seek that has since come to be associated with news of her ill-health?

On Monday, the presidency came out to dispel the notion that the first lady had been flown abroad for treatment maintaining that she is hale and hearty.

According to the president’s spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati, the first lady is in a good state of health as “everybody saw her in the church on Sunday”.

However, compared to her principal media aide Ayo Osinlu, who said that he couldn’t tell of her movements because he was not in Abuja at the moment and the revelation by a Presidency source who said that she only travelled for a “check-up, nothing more”, someone is hiding the truth from Nigerians and the presidency is helping to fuel the speculations by singing discordant tunes.




  1. These so called media people have started again. Why not allow this woman to be? In the days ahead anyone can guess all manners of innuendoes that will be published. For who’s interest are all these going to serve. I just wonder