Ramsey Nouah Fatally Injured on Set in Ghana


Nigerian super actor Ramsey Nouah sustained severe injuries and missed death by the whiskers during the shooting of a new movie in Ghana.

According to reports, the actor crash-landed on a concrete floor when he fell from a building whilst trying a stunt on a movie set in Kumasi. Though official medical reports are not yet available, it is feared the actor might have suffered internal bleeding as he reportedly complained of acute waist pains while medics attended to his blood-filled mouth
He was on the set with top actors Nana Ama McBrown, Beverly Afaglo, Roslyn Ngissah, Nana Hayford and a number of accomplished actors shooting a movie titled ‘Hotel Babylon: Where Clothes Are Naked’, directed by Kobi Rana, when the incident occurred. The movie was extensively shot in Kumasi at the Senator Hotel at Tanoso. The accident attracted crew members and director Kobi Rana, who immediately rushed to his side for fear of the unexpected.

Information indicated that Ramsey could not immediately get up on his feet as he remained on the floor for some minutes. The set had to break to allow him to recover, but after 30 minutes, he told the director he could continue with the shooting.  It is not clear if Ramsey is still in town, but he reportedly moved to Accra this week. Efforts to get him to deny or confirm the rumours proved futile. Also, calls placed to director Kobi Rana did not go through.


  1. Stop misleading with your headlines. Don’t you know the meaning of fatal? if there was no death don’t say “fatally injured” but “near-fatally injured” if the injuries are such.

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  3. Pls next time you want to publish ,mind the kind of word you use & try to use the right word at the right proportion in other not to get things twisted. The word fatal in this context is too expensive

  4. Thank God 4 him,I prayed 4 his quick recovery. In need of latest fashion designer ping me on bb,pin 2570E704 or call 08185588533,for ladies only

  5. My people, pls always consult ur dictionary b4 writn publicly. They were right wit d word fatal cos it means seriously or badly injured while ghastly means death.

  6. Too bad 2 av heard such sad news! Bt dia’s no need 4 critism since Ghana appears 2 b our neighbouring country. All we need is fervent prayer 4 our broda n popular actor to survive d situation

  7. I feel so bad this happened to you ramsey,my dream is to meet you one day and atleast have ahandshake,i wish you all the best in you recovery dear,brighet uganda

  8. Oh I thank God nothing so bad happened to My Ramsey Nouah
    God be praised forever.
    May God pls protect and grant Him Long life in Jesus’ Name


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