Residents Flee Gboko in Benue State after Boko Haram Kingpin Was Traced to their Community

newboko-haram-sectAfter a kingpin of the dreaded Islamic group, Boko Haram, Ali Jalingo, was trailed to Agase community, a suburb of Gboko in Benue state, residents of the community have fled their homes for fear of reprisal attacks.

According to reports, the Boko Haram leader’s hideout in Agase was traced by security operatives who came in the midnight to pull down his hose but couldn’t arrest him. Residents said they were woken up by sounds of gunshot n the middle of the night.

One of them who spoke to newsmen, Mrs. Aese Adua, said “I was woken up around midnight on Sunday by some unusual noise in the neighborhood; I could not come out because of my age but my instincts told me something was amiss… I had to relocate my bed from its position to another corner of the room and I was surprised to see part of my room riddled with bullets.

“I have never seen Jalingo before even for one day but I always heard movements in the house and I also know that the occupants are young people. She added.


  1. resident Jonathan is a strong man ,f this boko haram is more than a virus, that would have criple him, if he survive his tenure, he needs another phd degree in boko haram. Dr. In boko haram sec.


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