Robbers Break Into KFC Thinking It’s A Jewelry Store


Two men attempted to break into a jewelry store but found themselves inside a KFC restaurant instead in Australia.

Peter Welsh, 32, and Dwayne Doolan, 31, were in court this week to face robbery charges after making several unsuccessful attempts to break into Wrights Jewellers in Beaudesert, near Brisbane, but found themselves instead inside a Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC franchise.

The pair tried to break into the jewelry store three times. They first threw spark plugs at the Wrights Jewellers window, but when that that didn’t shatter the window they came up with the brilliant plan of breaking in through the back door. That attempt brought them inside the adjacent Animal Welfare League Opportunity Shop instead, where they ran off with a charity box containing $50. The two then decided to break their way through a wall in the communal bathroom, pseudo Mission Impossible style. While this sort of stuff works in the movies, it found Welsh and Doolan, who had hoped to enter the jewelry store through their self-made tunnel, inside a KFC being wafted by the sweet smell of “the world’s best tasting chicken.”

They made off with $2,600 after holding up the KFC employees with an iron bar.
The heist took place on New Year’s Eve. Police raided Welsh’s home later in the week and the two were charged with armed robbery and stealing, while Welsh also faces burglary and attempted burglary charges. They head in front of a judge on March 5. [Vibe]