Scared Rick Ross Hires 24-Hour Armed Security Following Shooting

Rick Ross is not taking any chances. The Bawse is beefing up his security in the wake of Monday’s drive-by shooting.


According to TMZ, the Miami rapper has hired 24-hour armed personal security for his protection following the scary incident.

Rozay was already employing armed bodyguards for major events and public appearances, but now he’s enlisted full-time security.

He had reportedly been receiving threats, but didn’t take them seriously. Sources tell TMZ that he considers the shooting to be an “eye-opener” and will do whatever it takes to ensure his safety.

The 37-year-old MC was targeted in a drive-by shooting in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday when a car pulled up next to his Rolls-Royce and shots were fired. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an apartment building.


  1. Eish guys this is rediculous so embrassing to hear that thugs ploted to kill rapstar RickRoss,what a shame to hell with them n keave our star alone.


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