Sheik Gumi On The Verge Of Police Arrest Over ‘Yakowa-Azazi’ Death Comments


Police detectives are studying audio and video tapes of the sermons in which Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi, asserted that the late governor of Kaduna State, Mr. Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa perished along with former National Security Adviser, General Andrew Azazi while strategizing against Northern Nigerian Muslims, a top security operative has told SaharaReporters.
Gumi allegedly affirmed that Yakowa had been engaging in an anti-Muslim agenda, and that it was therefore necessary to avoid the emergence of non-Muslims as governor of Kaduna State in the future, a point that some senior citizens of Kaduna State raised in a detailed memo in which they expressed concern that Gumi’s weekly sermon was likely to cause serious ethno-religious crisis in Kaduna town.
According to the source, the eminent personalities from Kaduna are of the view in view of the volatile nature of Kaduna State, urgent intervention and consultation has become necessary.
“The prominent people from Kaduna State wrote the memo, and included it with audio and video tapes of Gumi’s preaching,” the source continued. Gumi in one of the tapes, which I will give you the Internet link, indeed said that Yakowa and Azazi died while meeting on anti-Muslim issues. He was also heard in the tape saying that, it was a plan with General Gowon using the burial in Bayelsa as a cover up for them to meet and that is why Yakowa followed Azazi alone without his ADC. Gumi in the audio tape also said that the Muslims of Kaduna State should never allow a situation that will bring about a non-Muslim to be governor, alluding to the fact that it was Allah that did this (crash) for the impending danger being planned against Muslims.”
He said the Kaduna personalities who wrote the petition want action to be taken against any clerics, Muslim or Christian, who preach incitement and hate.


  1. That man is not a cleric is one of the boko haram leaders for saying such thing against late gov yakowa. As we all know that yakowa was fighting boko haram and he never allowed them to settle non operate in is teritory! We all know that was the reason they eliminated him. Does that kill yakowa will never know peace. Let the law take it cause in this issue.

  2. This is one of the problem of nigeria,,,,,, as soon as some think happen to Big- man or somebody who is big politician,,, the will start to blame somebody did not have hand on that issue. Yakowa was dead and Gume was not even in this country but As yakowa has incident dead the start blaming shack Gumi and which GUME cannot do anything apart of this crash. This was donated By Almighty God not human bean, if you believe in God don’t think somebody can kill a Human bean. How can sheck GUME can be among d islamic terrorize? Which is not possible. Nigeria leader the only want to break down of muslim preacher and break down of muslim to became less in this country and which is you can’t. That is why the blame sheck GUMe for the dead of GOV,,,,,,yakowa……… Gume is with God and God is his protector and guide Nobody can do any think to him.

  3. It very unfortunate to have a cleric in kaduna who parated himself sheik,who does not have future 4 da state. He only preach to poison d mind of illiterate followers who dont have future. Sheik sanusi gumbi is my mentor bcos he preaches peace between muslem and non muslem.

  4. My problem is that even if τ̲̅ђe government discovers that he has a hand in τ̲̅ђe late governor, probably noting will be done to him. And he is now telling Moslems never to allow non Muslim to be a governor, who know what he arrange in τ̲̅ђe up coming election. Look at τ̲̅ђe way a respectful preacher preach to people. To adopt war. I will never be into a religion that with allow me to be killing people for god. Never.

  5. @Bashiru Aliro please go back to secondary school and learn how to write and speak english. Is people like you that are influenced negatively by that Gumi of man . Your problem is ignorance. May God help you and people like you

  6. Any time I read through the followers of this medium comments, I easily distinguish between muslims and christians’responses. Muslims’comments are always guided and objective but christians’comments are always unguided, subjective and insulting. I wonder what bible says about ill-comments.

  7. Assalam, we nigerians, have to be very cautous with our tongue, we mst respect each others religion, personalty, culture, tribe, tradition etc, and bear with fate & destination. Lets all pray for peace for devpt & progress of our darling nation

  8. Bashiru Aliero or what do you call yourself. God is going to expose all of you one by one. We need not look for boko haram members. They are really living with and among us. You are one of them. Gunmi is also one of your sponsors. You muslims are happy that Sir Patrick Yakowa is dead, but his spirit lives on and his legacies too. God bless his soul. You now have a muslim there abi? let’s see what this one will do. Tomorrow you will say the south is more developed than the north. When you hide under religion and perpetrate evil. We know that you people killed him. Shame on you and your like. He has made it to heaven and you and your cohorts will rot in hell.