Stop Insulting The Sensibilities Of Ekiti People – PDP To Gov. Fayemi

fayemiThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West, has described the comment credited to governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, that Ekiti is the number one rumour mill in Africa, as uncharitable and an insult on the collective sensibilities of Ekiti people. The party said the governor must retract the statement and apologise to the people of Ekiti.

Fayemi had at the state secretariat of the ACN, Ado-Ekiti, on Friday, while decrying the rumours about his ill-health and purpoted resignation of his deputy as false, reportedly said the state is the number one rumour mill in Africa, adding that rumour-peddling must be discouraged in order to give room for more development in the state.

However, reacting to the statement, Zonal Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Hon. Kayode Babade, said that it was the height of Fayemi’s arrogance and contempt for Ekiti people for him to have described them as rumour mongers.

The party said rather than blame Ekiti people for what he may regard as rumours about his administration, he should blame his party, the Action Congress of Nigeria, which thrives on falsehood and propaganda, himself, for running a cult-like government and his information managers who are obviously not doing their job.

The statement read: “Our attention has been drawn to media reports credited to governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State describing the State as the number one rumour mill in Africa.

“In other words, Fayemi is saying that Ekiti people, including himself, are rumour mongers who do not deserve to be accorded any respect.

“This to us is an insult on the collective sensibilities of Ekiti people who are highly educated and respected for their honesty and sincerity.

“Most importantly, we wish to remind Fayemi and his ilk in the ACN that they should indeed be blamed for whatever rumour that is being peddled about the government because they actually introduced lies and deceit to the politics of Ekiti.

“Was Fayemi not among the ACN people who lied that incisions (gbere) were made on eggs that were being used to feed primary school pupils during the PDP administration of Segun Oni?

“Was Fayemi not part of the ACN people who lied that N3 billion was carried to Ogere Toll Gate where the cash was changed to Dollars and used to bribe Tribunal judges?

“So when Fayemi wanted to be governor at all cost then, in his estimation, it was not ridiculous that N3 billion cash could be changed to dollars at Ogere Toll Gate?

“Why is he now troubled about the so-called rumour about his government to the extent that he is now insulting Ekiti people by calling them rumour mongers?

“To us, such a comment coming from a governor is to say the least unfortunate and it is our demand that he must apologise to Ekiti people for labelling them rumour mongers, which they are not.”