Strange: School Sends Police after Student for Studying too Hard

jamiegagliardi_120621_400_17u4sc6-17u4sccIn a rather strange development, a British school, Ifield Community College in southern England has called on the police to remove a star student who is so “obsessed” with studying that he refused to leave the library.

The student, Jamie Gagliardi, 18, was expelled from the school after refusing to leave the library. The school accused Gagliardi, who is expected to be a grade A student of being “obsessed” with learning after school and said they called police because the student was causing a “nuisance.”

Gagliardi, who was forced to call his mother to pick him up, said, “I have been punished for wanting to do well. I am a hard working and dedicated student, and this could have such an impact on my future.” He went to the library despite being banned from the premises for the day as punishment for disrupting the school principal during a meeting to request special meetings.

The director of school administration in the school, Marilyn Evans, said: “He became loud and angry that he could not study after school.” He is described as a “best student”, who wants to do well on tests, but he has also been described as “causing a nuisance and a disturbance on the property… He is obsessed with making the revision after school .”

A police spokesman confirmed that officers were called to the school to remove a “disruptive” student who refused to leave the premises, but said Gagliardi will not face charges.


  1. This is serious! While we are begging students to even concentrate in class in Nigeria here, this personality is being chased out by the school authority all in the name of ‘causing a nuisance’ and being ‘obsessed to reading’. God alone will help us all.

  2. it sounds ridiculous, but if the school authority says the kid was constituting nuisance, he must have bridged the schools’s rules upto a worrying extent and even the bible says there is time for everything. Afterall he Is not the only kid in the school.