Suntai Is No Superman But Expect Him Soon – PDP

Danbaba-Suntai-2602Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State has received the backing of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state when on Friday, the party stated that those calling for his impeachment were desperados and would not have their way.

Victor Bala Kona, Chairman of the party in Taraba State, while also debunking media reports  that the Suntai suffered brain damage from the October 25, 2012 plane crash in Yola, stated that he is healthy and full of life and could sign his signature, write notes and read and that he will soon return to the country.

“I spoke with the governor about 40 minutes ago. I spent the entire holiday season in Hanover, Germany and just got back last weekend. I can authoritatively tell you that the governor is in stable condition and would soon be in Nigeria to continue the good work he is doing in Taraba,” he said.

”He is currently at a private apartment doing physiotherapy and receiving visitors. Contrary to all negative comments in some quarters, the governor did not sustain brain or spinal cord injuries. He is not partially paralysed; rather he is in full sense and right frame of mind. He speaks, eats and does all the normal things every agile, strong person does.

“This governor survived an air crash and the recovery process must take its course. Those expecting him to recover overnight are only trying to make him a superman and are not being honest; surviving an air crash is no child’s play. He needs time to go through the current physiotherapy. The German doctors are very enthusiastic about his recuperation and would soon announce a date for his home coming,” Kona concluded.