UNIBEN Denounces Don’s Claim Of Possible Cure For HIV/AIDS


Claims by the Dean of School of Basic Medical Sciences of the University of Benin, Prof. Isaiah Ibeh, that he has discovered a drug for the cure of HIV/AIDS, has been faulted by authorities of the institution.

Prof. Ibeh had, in a recent interview, hinted of the discovery of an oral drug made from plants extraction in Nigeria for the possible cure of HIV/AIDS.

Reacting to Prof. Ibeh’s claim during an interaction with newsmen who thronged the university to authenticate the alleged discovery, Provost, College of Medical Sciences of the University, Prof. Vincent Iyawe, said the institution was in disagreement with Prof. Ibeh’s claim for now, because the University was,  “not carried along” in the research.

He said: “The School would like to take credit for a break- through, but it cannot align with the breakthrough because the College was not consulted, the University was not consulted, and he did not carry anybody along.

“There are protocols and procedures. Going from stage to stage, we ought to give it clinical trials, by taking it to the Federal Ministry of Health to do clinical trials and many other things involved. We also needed to take it to National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC, and many other things had to be done before you come out with your claims, in addition to taking it to World Health Organisation.”

He said the university was doing was the right thing as it wants to protect Prof. Ibeh and the integrity of the institution.


  1. Idiots! That s stupid African mentality. Rather than rallying round their own, they are here saying rubbish. This is why the continent is lagging behind. Very soon, the prof will be invited to Europe to give them the formula.

  2. Its a shame, I event expected them to tell the public than, “t we are yet to come out with public statement. Give us some time”. Not the crap they are saying. From the reply of the university, you will know they are jealous of this professor. Shame unto Nigerian leaders. Any thing that does not bring credit to them directly, they will work hard to kill it. This is are some of the things that will make us remain as developing country. In fact I see us going they way of under developing. The next think you hear now will be to sack that professor from the university.

    • Mr Victor, i also believe in procedure but it should be an in house talk not mucking the prof. in public as the university did, most of these things we call procedure are not sincerely been followed, sometimes it is use as a means of frustrating the efforts of the person in concern, let us waits to see how the event will unfold!!!

  3. I think that the UniBen management board are wrong to denounce the hard work of a fellow coutryman who has done a great job on research over many years to come out with an absolute result. They should have work with him secretly rather than making this comment in the media because if he is an American the American government and even the masses will come out in full support for him because it is a great honour for we Nigerians that this drug found here in our country. I think we all support him rather than all these argument. think wisely my fellow countrymen. Long live Nigeria!

  4. ds university management ar al fools. Wat is protocol has to do wt ds. Instead of dem to embrace d gud work done by d prof dey ar critizing and been jealous. Although dat is African mentality for u.

  5. Dats it 9ja pikin,d guy wants 2 make enough money by trying 2 fake us,but him no reach,are we learnerz?we all know dat there will neva b a cure 4 dis disease,bcos it’s just lyk a punishment 4 sins committed by adulterous men and women,GOD HELP US.

  6. I Think It is time we start believing in our own and in ourselves
    Let’s encourage researchers rather than disdain them because of political views. We rather say we need time to Confirm the efficacy of this drug before coming out to the public. I think its not an encouraging statement.

  7. why must we always disgrace ourselve? Why will we always be ignoble, hate other people and our National advancement.Can a kingdom divided against itself stand? Well the just will live by truth. He that Avers let him proof. God will see you through Prof be not dis couraged.