UNIBEN Don Eats Humble Pie, Denies Discovering HIV/AIDS Cure

uniben1Prof. Isaiah Ibeh, Head of the Department of Microbiology and Dean School of Basic Medical Sciences of the University of Benin, has eaten the humble pie and apologised over his recent claims that he found a possible cure for HIV/AIDS.

In a five-paragraph statement made available to members of the press in Benin City, Prof. Ibeh expressed regrets over the publication of his acclaimed discovery of a drug (DeconcontionX-Liquid or Bioclean 11) that could cure
HIV/AIDS, saying that the publication was a misinterpretation.

“The true position is that some observations of our Research are preliminary and the research is still ongoing.

“I am very sorry for the embarrassment this has caused the University of Benin and Professional Colleagues, realizing that there are procedures of reporting such Scientific result,” he said.



  1. Apology accepted but this dream must not die cos i see truth in this. This is an opportunity america will hold tight and then research more to be sure than run down the involved prof who is working hard to bring an international glory to Nig. Nafdac should do the necessary tests and then come up with information to Nigerians.

  2. I pity Nigeria O! We are only waiting until a White man announces the discovery of the cure for HIV-AIDS. Prof Ibe is smart to deny the story to avoid being ridiculed or disgraced by his peers who acting the script written by Western scientists protecting their pharmaceutical industries

  3. Apology my foot! If we cant stand 4 ourselves then we dont deserve indipendence. We are no longer under d white man‘s claws,are we not wise enough to know all they do is steal,kill & distroy live & discoveries like lusifa! Waite & c d day they steal d cure they will announce 2d world & dats if they havent found it yet. We are free,lets live free of the monsters of creation.

  4. My dream right now is to see myself as one of the student of university of benin,that as been my prayer for this year 2013 and i know that God will answer me amen i love you all but God loves you most thanks

  5. Nigeria oooooo! All we know is to promote foreign discoveries why we suppresses the home base discoverer. What a honour it will be to Nigeria n all Africa dat a black man got the cure for aids. Open ur mind NAFDAC n lets promote this