Why ‘New Year’ Resolutions?


Why wait for a new year before making resolutions? That’s sounds really funny to me. If you are not used to changes, ‘a new year’ wouldn’t be a drive to make one. What is changing is the time, not you. Change is a phenomenon that occurs when times {not necessarily a new year} and situation demands. Change is an attitude developed through persistence and discipline. You can’t just wake up one day, thinking you can change certain things about your life. It is not the decision to change that matters. What counts is the execution. And that, trust me, isn’t easy.

Someone might think I am being too serious here. But I perceive that it is high time people woke up, and stop enslaving their minds to unreasonable conventions. We wake up every day of our lives, making plans that we sometimes fail to fulfil. Not that we don’t want to, but our very nature resists ‘changes’. We prefer staying in our comfort zones, where we find more convenience. I am not referring to inevitable changes which we have limited or no control over. Neither am I referring to desirable changes which require little or no effort to accomplish. Even though success is desirable, the processes leading to it is not. The heights achieved by great men were not attained by a sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept toiled ‘hard’ through the night.

It is indeed an honourable thing to make New Year resolutions and accomplish them. But here is the question; how many can afford the price? One thing I have realized about promises is that, the more you break them, the harder it is to fulfil subsequent promises. This principle also applies to unexecuted goals. What most fans of ‘new year resolutions do is to abandon their decisions few weeks or months into the New Year.

On a last note, Failure is not falling down. Failure is staying down. All a man needs to induce the resolve required for resolutions, is an unwavering tenacity. People sometimes end up in unnecessary frustrations and disappointments, after failing to make desired changes, not realizing, that it takes time and energy to make certain changes in life.

Alas! My New Year resolution is to stop making New Year resolutions. I know that’s funny. But someone has to agree with me, that this is way easier to fulfill. I would rather seek to make changes at pertinent times instead of waiting for a new year. So help me GOD.

Author: Foluso, Information Nigeria


  1. This is the best article ever! I say to people all the time new year is just another day it’s not like because its a new year you will automatically conquer the impossible


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