Woman Sues Dating Site After Brutal Attack


A Las Vegas woman is suing dating website Match.com after she was nearly killed by a man she met through the site.

The woman suing Match.com apparently went on a few dates with a man she met through the site, until he began harassing her via text message.

That’s when things got ugly – Mary Kay Beckman showed up at home one night in January 2011, where Wade Ridley was waiting for her. Ridley stabbed her dozens of times in the face, in a brutal attack.

Beckman survived, but Ridley struck again, killing a different woman he met through Match.com in Arizona.

Beckman’s lawyers say Ridley was surprised to hear that Beckman survived his attack.

Lawyers for Mary Kay Beckman say
Match.com is at fault for failing to disclose the dangers of online dating – apparently, common sense just isn’t enough. Beckman’s lawyers say the woman can sue Match.com for failure to warn.

“Match does nothing to ensure the safety of its people, but you pay $30, you think you’re getting some type of protection,” said Beckman’s lawyer.



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