World Bank Social Media Internship Recruitment 2013

To help us do more to reduce poverty and create opportunity for the people of Africa, the World Bank’s Africa team is looking for two social media interns who are creative, smart, and committed to excellence.

These paid interns will join the World Bank’s Africa Communications unit, a team of hardworking professionals, who love Africa and want to see it thrive and grow.

If you love Africa and are willing to work hard, come join our team! The World Bank Group is an international development bank that works for a world free of poverty, with opportunity for all.

We work in 48 nations on the continent, putting our expertise, know-how, and financing behind the development plans of African countries and the communities themselves. Modern strategic communications are vital to the World Bank’s development mission in Africa.

Job Title: World Bank Social Media Internship Recruitment 2013

What You Will Be Doing

  • Conceptualizing new ways for the World Bank Africa to engage in social networks
  • Adding a more “social layer” to the World Bank Africa’s corporate websites
  • Helping manage blogs
  • Writing social media press releases
  • Tweeting from @WorldBankAfrica and @BM_Afrique
  • Engaging with fans on the World Bank Africa Facebook pages and Livestream channel
  • Sharing World Bank-produced multimedia, blogs, and other material on social networks


  • You are a student currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree university program, or the equivalent
  • You have a deep knowledge and understanding of social media tools – including bookmarking, tagging, tweeting, blogging, etc. – and you use them regularly
  • You are an excellent writer
  • You speak English or French fluently

What You Will Receive

  • An internship at World Bank headquarters in Washington DC
  • A monthly stipend

Application closes 25th February, 2013

To Get Started

  • Follow @WorldBankAfrica or @BM_Afrique and tweet your response to this phrase: #iwant2work4africa because…
  • Based on your response and if you make it to round 2, you will be sent a Direct Message with additional instructions

For more information, contact [email protected]


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