You’re Digging Your Grave, Zakzaky Tells Leaders

Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky yesterday sounded a note of warning to those at the helms of affairs at all levels of governance to do all they can to find a lasting solution to the recurring crises bedeviling the country or will be digging their graves if they fail to do so.


The Islamic scholar stated this in a good will message he delivered to the organisers of Christian/Muslim Alternative to Conflict which was inaugurated in Kaduna yesterday.

According to Zakzaky, crises in the country have persisted because such leaders are benefitting from such situations, adding that such beneficiaries would not like dialogue to take place as a way of ending the violence and other security challenges in the country.

He however disagreed, that the plurality of the country is a problem to the country, arguing that they were rather a blessing to the nation since they were not man- made arrangement but a natural phenomenon which could not be altered by any human being.

The Islamic Cleric therefore called on Nigerians, particularly the masses not to allow themselves to be used by persons who are interested in causing violence in the country, stressing that ethno-religious differences should rather be seen as a unifying factor in the society.

“There are people behind these entire unnecessary crises happening in this country. These people are benefiting from the crisis politically and otherwise. They are the ones exploiting some innocent people to cause crisis in the country.

Our prayers is that these people who are inciting political crisis or violence will realise that they will one day be consumed by these crisis. It is better they stop or their secrets will be exposed in future and it will be their end.

“They are only digging their graves but if they realise it now it will be better for them. But if they refuse to change their attitude they will be consumed by the grave they dig with their own hands and by so doing peace will be sustained in the country.”