100 Opposition Parties Can Never Defeat PDP – Dame Patience Jonathan

Patience-JonathanIf the words of Dame Patience Jonathan – wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, are to be believed, opposition parties should forget about 2015 because 100 of them put together, can never defeat the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The first lady said this at the presentation of “PDP Women in power” calendar 2013 in Abuja on Thursday.

Speaking further, Dame Patience Jonathan said that even if 100 parties merged against PDP they will never defeat the party, adding that it was only the PDP that has implemented the 35 percent affirmative action plan for women.

She said that she will never contest election in Nigeria and that anytime her husband retired she would go back home with him.

On the First Lady Peace Mission building, Dame Patience appealed to the National Assembly to pass the N4 billion budgeted for the project, saying it was not for her personal use but for Nigeria and would generate employment for the youths.

She recalled that when former first ladies Maryam Babangida and Mariam Abacha built the Women Centre and the National Hospital in Abuja respectively, they did not carry the buildings with them when they left government, adding that she will not go with the peace mission building when her tenure expires.

Stressing that the peace mission project was initiated by late President Yar’Adua, she pleaded that Nigeria should not lose the opportunity to host the AFLPM as other countries lobbied for the mission to be in their but it was given to Nigeria on a platter of gold. She noted that the United Nations and ECOWAS buildings are being maintained by Federal Capital Territory Administration.

She then cautioned women to resist being used to kick against the project, adding that if the project was for men the budget for the project would have long been passed.


    • the pdp uses different ballot peppars the rig and send to inec to announce results, they use their party leaders houses , employ the youths who vote to the number they want and submit to inec on friday evenings, this is how they get the inec announce result in their favor

    • Christopher, flat-headed Okoro man, why are you ibos so myopic that all you see is tribe and religion in deciding who is right and whos is wrong?

  1. Firstly i most thank almighty God to found my self in to merger parteis All PROGRESEVE CONGRASSIVE (APC) pateint jonothan by grace of God u most go together with ur husband PDP is a rubbish party and killing million peoples in nigeria and provide us hunger.

  2. Pls talk in good manner. We witnessed how PDP was defeated in Zamfara (2011), Kano (2003), Ondo (2012), Nasarawa (2011) etc. So you don’t control our lives, we must unseat PDP in 2015 God’s will.

  3. PDP is trying let us pray for the government to forge ahead with the transformation programs instead of talking of 2015 in 2013- what makes you think that those People with Nigerian blood flooding in their veins are going to become angels in two years time?


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