2015: Jonathan Should Spare Nigerians The Agony And Forget About Second Term – Junaid Mohammed

jonathan_goodluck3-300x225As controversy rages over the single term pact purportedly agreed to by President Goodluck Jonathan with Northern governors, Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, yesterday, said that the furore over the matter was uncalled for as President Jonathan was not qualified to seek re-election in 2015 in the first place.

Mohammed advised Jonathan and his advisers to seek a judicial interpretation of his tenure rather than engage in war of words over 2015, which they claim he is undecided on.

The politician while warning that there would be serious legal implications if Jonathan contested the next presidential election, pleaded with him to spare the nation the agony.

Mohammed said: “As far as I am concerned there should be no two ways about it. People who made promises must be made to abide by such promises.

“And even without the promise or deal said to have been entered into by the governors with the President in 2011, an ordinary reading of the constitution at face value will indicate that Jonathan cannot avail himself of another term in 2015 simply because the constitution provides for two terms for anybody notwithstanding whatever the intervening circumstance is.

“Secondly, the constitution provides for people taking the oath of office only twice in their lifetime. Now how this president can proceed to take oath of office three times is something I cannot understand and they are unwilling to subject the matter to the Supreme Court for interpretation.

“This shows that they have something to hide and they believe that by mere propaganda through the lies of the people being used they can now change the constitution.

“To me, the easiest way to amend the constitution is to follow what the constitution says.  Nobody wants to do what the law says and they think they can get away with illegality simply because they are in power. It will not work.”

The politician also berated Jonathan for failing to provide the much touted breath of fresh air which he promised Nigerians at the polls and implored him to look towards the exit rather than think of another term.

He stated that from the way the administration was going it was clear that it would not be able to change the situation in Nigeria even if it was in power for 100 years.

“If you leave Goodluck Jonathan to be president of Nigeria and you allocate every kobo that comes into the consolidated revenue of Nigeria to him and some of the governors, there would be no development in Nigeria in the next 100 years,” he said.


  1. @enesi and u r used to talking to baboon that’s why you all reason like baboons. What in Gods name are you people finding difficult in understanding a simple
    constitution? Every time a northern talks you people open your stinking mouth to rain insults on him. Are you saying a northern cannot air his or her views again in this country? For crying out loud point out one significant achievement of this administration and I will clap for you. All We r saying is, no second term for Mr Jonathan. PERIOD!!!

  2. I think this is not a matter of either de north,east or south.the most important thing here is that Nigerians should open their eyes.what happened on de 1st of january 2012 tells me that mr president and his advisers are not just confused but they are trying just only to feel how POWER works.if de people who puts u in power says no to an unpopular policy mr president will yes,is that how to rule?who ever comes,so far as we are going to clearly reap de divident of democracy i am just ok.com

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