3 Female Students Beaten To Coma For Stealing Underwear In Delta


Angry market women yesterday beat three female undergraduates to coma at the popular Asaba Ogbegonogo market, in Delta State for allegedly stealing various pants at the boutique line.

Eyewitness said that the suspects were caught with the pants after they had pretended to be customers and paid for two different ones selected from the hangers.

It was gathered that the suspects’ who are undergraduates of the state owned university were said to be regular visitors to the market.

But the trust the traders have in them as regular customers evaporated when one of them, a 200 level mass communication student (names withheld) sought to be accompanied to where they could buy good pants and the suspects paid for two packets of mixed coloured pants and in the process allegedly removed three other packets alongside the ones they bought.

Luck however ran out on them as the trader suddenly noticed the removal of some packets from where they were displayed.

They were said to have been beaten severely by the angry market women who raced to the scene of the incident. Police authorities at the ‘A’ Division Asaba confirmed the incident.


  1. These babe just embraced herself, institution, friends and Family. Funny enuff if she can afford 2 diff colour of panties why not be contempt with which she can afford or beta still tell the owner that she would be paying install. Which they normally allow. Na wa sha.

  2. thank God they didnt lynch them,but why should they beat them to coma,sometimes people tend to forget if such thing happens to them,how will you feel if ur own child is been beaten to coma,if this girls die,their blood will rest on their head

  3. It is too bad for them to go stealing ordinary pants. They have been stealing before. This is not their first time they are doing it, but lurk ran out on them this time. However, the women should not have beaten them. They should have handed them over to the law enforcement agents who will do their job. What a pity! They will not try it again if they survive this.

  4. I’m shocked that some of you are not condemning the act of stealing and calling it “stealing of ordinary pants”. Stealing is stealing. If those girls needs to be beaten to teach others a lesson, so be it. Stealing of whatever should be condemned in its entirety. That is how they start the profession of armed robbery. Before you know it, they will begin to carry guns and terrorise innocent citizens. You that is condemning the beating could even be a victim one day. Only then, will you know.

  5. Na wa ooo.. I never knew this website operators could fabricated lies and still publish it to the public… This picture is of Ify a girl i know very well in Dopemu, Agege, Lagos at the back of Bluebird cafe building. She and her friends went for a night party and she got drink so much that she could not walk on her own. Stop publishing lies please.

  6. Greg don’t mind these people publishing evil, marring women characters, though people steal but must u tell cheap lies to make names in online publications. I have long decided not to believe whatever is being published under this platform, I just read for reading sake.